The Future of DOOM: A Medieval Twist?

The much-anticipated next installment in the iconic first-person shooter series DOOM is set to make its grand entrance at Xbox’s games showcase in June, or so the rumors suggest. Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson has unveiled some intriguing details about the upcoming game, claiming it will be titled ‘DOOM: The Dark Ages’ instead of its previous codename ‘Year Zero’. The game is said to be “medieval inspired”, sparking curiosity among fans and critics alike.

Henderson’s description of the game as a “medieval inspired doom world” leaves much to the imagination, but it hints at a drastic shift in the series’ setting. The use of terms like ‘year zero’, ‘the dark ages’, and ‘medieval inspired’ paints a vivid picture of a game that delves into new territory while still retaining the essence of DOOM. Could we possibly witness the Doomslayer’s adventures in a medieval backdrop, exploring his origins in a prequel-like narrative?

Adding more fuel to the fire, reports suggest that ‘DOOM: The Dark Ages’ will not be limited to a single platform but will be a “multiplatform” release. Windows Central’s Jez Corden has echoed these claims, hinting at a PlayStation version in the works. While Nintendo’s involvement remains unconfirmed, past collaborations have seen DOOM titles making their way to the Switch, including seemingly impossible ports. With Nintendo teasing a successor to the Switch, there is a glimmer of hope for fans to experience the dark and gritty world of DOOM on the next-generation hardware.

The anticipation surrounding ‘DOOM: The Dark Ages’ is palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting the official reveal at Xbox’s games showcase. The potential for a medieval twist on the beloved franchise opens up a world of possibilities for storytelling and gameplay. As the gaming community speculates on what the future holds for the DOOM series, one thing is certain – the DOOMslayer’s journey is far from over.

Overall, the rumored title ‘DOOM: The Dark Ages’ has ignited a spark of excitement among fans and critics, promising a fresh take on the classic series. With a medieval-inspired setting and hints of a multiplatform release, the next DOOM installment seems poised to make a bold statement in the gaming industry. As we eagerly await more details and a formal announcement, one thing is certain – the DOOMslayer will rise once again, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead in this new, dark age of demons and destruction.


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