The Future of Payday 3: Starbreeze’s Plan to Salvage the Co-op FPS

Months after the disastrous launch of Payday 3 in 2023, developer Starbreeze is determined to redeem themselves and deliver the heisting experience that fans expect from a Payday sequel. In a recent Twitter thread, the studio addressed the dissatisfaction surrounding the game and announced plans to improve it based on player feedback.

Starbreeze acknowledges that the current state of Payday 3 is far from satisfactory. To address this, the studio has assembled a strike team consisting of experienced developers from various departments. This team is focused on formulating a comprehensive plan to bring the game up to the desired standards, both in the short and long term.

February will see the release of a detailed plan outlining the improvements that will be implemented in Payday 3. While specific details have not been revealed yet, players can expect the plan to address the major concerns and issues raised by the community. Starbreeze aims to provide a transparent roadmap for the game’s future development, giving players a clear timeline of when they can expect to see these improvements in action.

Starbreeze values the feedback and suggestions provided by the Payday 3 community. As part of their commitment to improve the game, they have provided a link to the “FeatureUpvote” forum, where players can contribute ideas and evaluate proposed changes. This open dialogue between the developers and the community allows for a collaborative effort in shaping the game according to the players’ desires.

Since its release in September 2023, Payday 3 has faced numerous challenges. Server issues plagued the game, rendering it unplayable for many players. As a result, the player base has dwindled, with the average number of concurrent players on Steam falling well below 2,000. These figures are in stark contrast to the popularity of its predecessor, Payday 2, which continues to attract a substantial player base.

Starbreeze is aware of the uphill battle they face in restoring the reputation of Payday 3. However, they remain committed to revitalizing the game and winning back the trust of the community. By actively addressing the issues, engaging with players, and delivering on their promises, Starbreeze hopes to recapture the excitement and enthusiasm that made Payday 2 a beloved title among fans of the series.

While the road to recovery may be challenging, Starbreeze’s dedication to improving Payday 3 offers hope for a brighter future. With the experienced strike team in place and a commitment to transparency, players can look forward to a transformed game that aligns with their expectations. By incorporating the valuable feedback from the community, Payday 3 has the potential to emerge as the definitive co-op FPS heisting experience.


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