The Future of Rey: What Daisy Ridley Knows About the Next Star Wars Movie

Daisy Ridley, the actress known for her portrayal of Rey in the Star Wars franchise, has expressed her uncertainty regarding the upcoming Star Wars movie in which she is set to reprise her role. She mentioned in an interview with Deadline that she is only aware of the information that was announced the previous year. Amidst the speculation, Ridley shared a theory about Rey’s character, suggesting that as a Jedi, Rey may not have children. This speculation raises questions about the personal life and choices of Jedi characters within the Star Wars universe.

While Ridley admitted to knowing only “bits and bobs” of the new story, she confirmed the introduction of new characters in the upcoming movie. However, she emphasized that she is unaware of the return of any other characters besides her own. The actress expressed eagerness to read the script, indicating her commitment to the project. Ridley previously mentioned that the next Star Wars film would take a “different direction,” hinting at exciting developments in the storyline that may surprise audiences.

Ridley’s journey as Rey in the Star Wars series has been one of growth and transformation. She revealed that she did not feel fully comfortable in her role as Rey until the release of “The Rise of Skywalker” in 2019. This insight sheds light on the challenges and uncertainties that actors face while portraying iconic characters in a beloved franchise. Ridley’s dedication to her character and the Star Wars world is evident in her enthusiasm for exploring new aspects of Rey’s story in the upcoming film.

Despite the anticipation surrounding Ridley’s return as Rey, fans will have to wait a while longer for the new Star Wars movie. The next installment in the Star Wars saga, titled “The Mandalorian & Grogu,” is scheduled for release in 2026, pushing back the release of the Rey movie. While the exact details of the storyline remain shrouded in mystery, Ridley’s insights offer a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that the new Star Wars movie may bring to fans of the franchise.

Daisy Ridley’s reflections on her role as Rey and the upcoming Star Wars movie highlight the complexities of character development and storytelling in a beloved cinematic universe. As fans eagerly await the return of Rey to the big screen, Ridley’s theories and speculations add an intriguing layer of mystery and anticipation to the upcoming film. The future holds exciting possibilities for Rey and the Star Wars universe, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience for audiences around the world.


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