The Future of Sea of Thieves: A Multiplatform Adventure?

The gaming community has been buzzing with rumors regarding the possible expansion of the popular Xbox exclusive game, Sea of Thieves. According to reports from Giant Bomb and Game Mess Mornings host Jeff Grubb, there are talks of bringing the critically-acclaimed title to other platforms, namely the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. This move is seen as a strategy shift for Microsoft, as they aim to broaden their reach and appeal to a wider audience. However, given the nature of Sea of Thieves’ expansive world and multiplayer gameplay, one must question the feasibility of such a port, especially on the Switch. Nonetheless, the prospect of seeing more Rare games on Nintendo platforms is an exciting one. As we await confirmation, it’s best to take these rumors with a grain of sea salt.

Another source, former Kotaku editor and Axios reporter Stephen Totilo, claims to have heard similar rumblings, but with a twist. According to his Game File newsletter, sources close to porting plans suggest that Sea of Thieves may be considered for PlayStation rather than Switch. Totilo reached out to an Xbox representative for clarification, but they declined to comment. While he can only vouch for the potential PlayStation release, he cannot confirm if Sea of Thieves on PlayStation is still an active plan for Microsoft. This adds another layer of uncertainty to the mix, leaving fans eagerly anticipating official announcements from the parties involved.

For those unfamiliar, Sea of Thieves is an online multiplayer adventure game that puts players in the role of pirates. Developed by Rare, the game initially launched on Xbox One and Windows in 2018. At its release, the game received mixed reviews from critics. However, Rare has diligently worked on improving and expanding the game over time. As a result, Sea of Thieves has evolved into one of the most successful titles in the modern Xbox library. The game received an enhanced version for the Xbox Series X|S in 2020, and it continues to garner attention through its availability on Xbox Game Pass.

While rumors circulate regarding the expansion of Sea of Thieves, there is also speculation surrounding another “critically acclaimed” Xbox exclusive that might make a leap to other platforms. The gaming community has been speculating on the identity of this title, with popular theories suggesting games like Hi-Fi Rush, a potential 2023 Game of the Year contender, or Obsidian’s highly anticipated Pentiment. As fans eagerly await news and announcements, the possibilities seem endless, and the anticipation continues to grow.

As the gaming world holds its breath for official confirmation on the expansion of Sea of Thieves, players and fans are left wondering what the future holds. Will the game find its way onto the Nintendo Switch, or will it wait for the potential release of the Switch 2? Alternatively, will Sea of Thieves make its debut on PlayStation, opening up a new world of adventure for a different audience? Only time will tell. In the meantime, let the speculation and excitement build as we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the Sea of Thieves saga.

The rumors surrounding the possible expansion of Sea of Thieves have sparked a wave of anticipation and speculation within the gaming community. With whispers of ports to other platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, Microsoft appears to be considering a significant shift in their strategy. While the feasibility of such a move raises eyebrows, the potential to see more Rare games on Nintendo platforms is undoubtedly enticing. Fans eagerly await official announcements, as they continue to sail the treacherous seas of uncertainty, hoping to discover new horizons for Sea of Thieves and the Xbox-exclusive library.


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