The Future of Spelunky: Will There Be a Third Installment?

After the successful release of Spelunky 2 in 2020, fans of the roguelike platformer series eagerly anticipated news of a potential third installment. While Derek Yu, the founder of Mossmouth, has hinted at the possibility of a sequel in the past, he has remained vague about the timeline for its development. Yu’s statements at the Game Developers Conference in 2021 suggested that while a new Spelunky game may not be on the horizon, it’s not entirely out of the question either.

In a recent interview with Edge magazine, Derek Yu expressed his satisfaction with Spelunky 2, stating that he felt more fulfilled with the second installment than he did with the original game. Unlike after Spelunky 1, Yu did not feel like there were missed opportunities or unfinished ideas that he needed to explore in a potential sequel. While he is not actively working on Spelunky 3 at the moment, Yu acknowledged that if he were to pursue another game in the series, he would need to approach it with a fresh perspective and a different structural design.

If a third Spelunky game were to be developed, Derek Yu hinted that the structure of the game would need to evolve to introduce new possibilities and challenges for players. While he did not go into specifics about what these changes might entail, Yu’s comments suggest that he is open to reimagining the core mechanics and gameplay elements of the series to create a unique and engaging experience for fans.

In 2021, Larian Studios acquired the co-developer of Spelunky 2, BlitWorks. Since then, BlitWorks has focused on porting and publishing duties, leading fans to speculate on the potential impact of this collaboration on the future of the Spelunky series. While the exact nature of this partnership remains unclear, it is possible that Larian Studios’ expertise in game development could influence the direction of a potential Spelunky 3.

Overall, the future of the Spelunky series remains uncertain, but with Derek Yu’s continued interest in the franchise and the support of Larian Studios, fans can remain hopeful that a third installment may one day become a reality. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how the beloved roguelike platformer adapts and innovates in future iterations.


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