The Future of Wildermyth: What Lies Ahead for Worldwalker Games

Following the release of the second DLC for Wildermyth, titled Omenroad, Worldwalker Games announced that active development on the game has come to an end. Despite the success of Omenroad, the team has decided to put the game on hold and move into hibernation for the time being. This decision marks a bittersweet moment for both the players and the developers behind Wildermyth.

While the team at Worldwalker Games is bidding farewell to Wildermyth and its dedicated fan base, they are not closing the door on future projects entirely. According to studio co-owner Nate Austin, they are confident that they will eventually find another project to pour their passion into. However, Austin emphasized that this process will involve a period of exploration and reflection, hinting at a possible return in the future.

Despite the success of Wildermyth, Austin revealed that the team is not enthusiastic about creating a sequel to the game. After dedicating 11 years to the original project, the developers are eager to explore new ideas and challenges. This shift in focus signals a desire for innovation and creativity within the team at Worldwalker Games.

Looking back at the eleven-year development process of Wildermyth, it’s clear that the game holds a special place in the hearts of both the players and the developers. The success of Wildermyth and its DLCs, including Omenroad, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team at Worldwalker Games. As they embark on a new chapter, it’s evident that the legacy of Wildermyth will continue to inspire future projects from the talented developers.

The future of Wildermyth and Worldwalker Games is filled with uncertainty and possibility. While the team may be taking a break from active development, their passion for creating innovative and engaging experiences remains unwavering. As fans eagerly await news of their next project, the legacy of Wildermyth will continue to shine bright in the world of gaming.


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