The Future of Xbox Games: Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Rumored for Multi-Platform Release

In an intriguing turn of events, sources have revealed that Microsoft is considering a fresh “multi-platform approach” for its Xbox games, which could potentially see the release of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and other consoles. While some games may remain exclusive to Xbox, it seems that Microsoft is exploring the idea of expanding their reach to multiple platforms.

Timed Exclusivity for Indiana Jones?

According to insider reports, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle could be the first Microsoft blockbuster to receive a multi-platform release. The game is expected to launch initially on Xbox and PC, but with only a “rather short” period of exclusivity on these platforms. This suggests that timed exclusivity is being considered, allowing the game to reach a wider audience on other consoles after a certain period of time.

The rumors surrounding Indiana Jones and the Great Circle align with previous reports of other Microsoft games coming to different platforms. Earlier this year, sources claimed that Rare’s popular Sea of Thieves might be coming to the Nintendo Switch and PS5. Moreover, a recent datamine hinted at Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush making its way to these consoles as well. According to The Verge, an announcement for Hi-Fi Rush on other platforms may be imminent, with more Xbox-exclusive titles potentially following suit.

Another notable mention is Starfield, which is reportedly being considered for release on other consoles, including the PS5. XboxEra even goes as far as stating that Starfield’s upcoming expansion, Shattered Space, will also be available on the PS5. While these reports have yet to be confirmed, they reinforce the notion that Microsoft is contemplating sweeping changes in its approach to exclusivity.

The Profitability Factor

The discussions surrounding multi-platform releases are indicative of Microsoft’s focus on profitability. The company has previously acknowledged that making highly anticipated titles like Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox could have a significant impact on their overall profits. While exclusivity may attract players to the Xbox ecosystem, expanding availability to multiple consoles could potentially lead to greater profitability for games like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

The key question revolves around whether the lack of exclusivity for Xbox games would be offset by increased sales on other platforms. While exclusive titles may drive console sales, the broader availability of a game like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle across multiple consoles is likely to enhance its profitability. Microsoft must strike a delicate balance between enticing players to embrace their ecosystem and maximizing revenue through wider accessibility.

Future Developments

For now, the situation remains fluid, with ongoing discussions shaping the future of Microsoft’s exclusive games. The Verge suggests that more clarity may emerge in the coming weeks, potentially coinciding with the release of Hi-Fi Rush on new consoles. As the gaming community eagerly awaits further news, it is evident that Microsoft is actively exploring new strategies to adapt to the evolving landscape of the gaming industry.


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