The Harsh Realities of Beware Of Light: A City Builder Game

Beware Of Light, a newly revealed game from indie studio Bajka Games, offers a fresh and intriguing twist on the city builder genre. The game presents players with a challenging scenario – your colony ship has crash-landed on a barren, desert planet devoid of essential resources like water and fossil fuels. This unique premise sets the stage for a survival-focused gameplay experience that requires careful management of manpower and limited resources.

Unlike traditional city builders, Beware Of Light tasks players with overcoming extreme odds to ensure the survival of their colony. The absence of basic resources like water and oil forces players to think creatively and tap into the planet’s natural elements to sustain their population. From extracting basalt to create clothing to harvesting hydrogen from the troposphere for water, every action in the game requires careful planning and resource management.

The harsh environment of the planet Ash adds another layer of complexity to the gameplay. Players must navigate through deadly storms and unlock hidden secrets scattered across the landscape. The developers have hinted at the presence of random comets, debris from distant planetary systems, and other mysterious elements that challenge players to think on their feet and adapt to unexpected scenarios.

While no gameplay trailer has been released yet, early impressions suggest that Beware Of Light features a distinctive visual style inspired by sci-fi classics like Dune and Mad Max. The spiked, plated buildings and insect-like structures evoke a sense of otherworldly desolation, reminiscent of the harsh landscapes depicted in desert-themed movies. The game’s unique blend of survival mechanics and sci-fi elements sets it apart from traditional city builder games.

Despite its departure from the traditional city builder formula, Beware Of Light offers a fresh and challenging take on the genre. The game’s focus on survival against all odds and reliance on hard sci-fi technology makes it a unique and intriguing addition to the city builder genre. While it may not appeal to all fans of the genre, those looking for a new and immersive gameplay experience will likely find Beware Of Light to be a compelling choice. Keep an eye out for its release on Steam in the near future.


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