The Helldivers 2 – How to Successfully Activate Terminid Control Systems

In the world of Helldivers 2, the Terminid Control System Major Order is a crucial task that players must undertake to eradicate the bug threat from four planets. This is not an easy feat, especially considering the new mission type introduced in Helldivers 2. Super Earth is relying on all Helldivers to activate the Terminid Control Systems across the Umlaut Sector Barrier Planets, and it is up to the players to step up to the challenge.

To contribute towards activating the Terminid Control System Major Order, players need to complete Operations on any of the four Barrier Planets in the Umlaut Sector – Erata Prime, Fenrir III, Meridia, and Turing. It is essential to note that completing an entire Operation is necessary to make progress towards the “TCS installation progress” bar for the chosen planet, rather than just individual missions. Playing on a higher difficulty level with multiple missions per Operation will yield the most progress.

Each Operation on the four planets features a new mission type called “Activate Terminid Control System.” This mission can be quite challenging, especially on higher difficulties. The mission has a 40-minute timer and takes place on a smaller map, focusing solely on a Terminid Control System facility that needs to be activated. There are several primary objectives that players must focus on during this mission:

– Activating the Termicide Tower
– Activating Battery Silos 1, 2, and 3
– Defending each Battery Silo from Terminid attacks
– Heading to Extraction and activating Termicide dispersal
– Extracting safely

Given the intense nature of the mission, players must communicate effectively and utilize the right weapons and Stratagems to succeed. Weapons like the Flamethrower can be highly effective in keeping the bugs at bay, especially during defensive moments. Deploying sentries strategically can help in spawn-killing the Terminids and maintaining control over the situation. However, it is crucial to exercise caution when calling in Stratagems near the Battery Silos to avoid accidentally resetting the progress.

Activating Terminid Control Systems in Helldivers 2 is a challenging yet rewarding task. By working together as a team, communicating effectively, and utilizing the right strategies, players can successfully complete the mission and secure the planets from the bug threat. Remember, good coordination and the right loadout are key to overcoming the relentless Terminids and achieving victory in the mission.


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