The Impact of AEW Fight Forever DLC on the Gaming Community

The recent release of the full AEW Fight Forever DLC selection has caused quite a stir in the gaming community. With the addition of popular wrestlers like Toni Storm and The Acclaimed, players were eager to explore the new content. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the DLC may have fallen short of some players’ expectations.

Season 1 of AEW Fight Forever introduced seven new playable characters through various DLC packs. While these additions expanded the roster, some fans were disappointed by the absence of certain notable wrestlers, such as Samoa Joe. Furthermore, the pricing of the season pass, at £24.99/$29.99, raised eyebrows among players looking to access all the extra content.

The three DLC packs in Season 1 each brought unique characters and mini-games to the table. The FTR: Revival Pack featured Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, formerly known as The Revival in WWE. The Limitless Bunny Bundle included The Bunny and Keith Lee, along with additional mini-games. Finally, the Hookhausen Very Handsome Very Evil Pack introduced Hook and Danhausen to the game, along with the free Stadium Stampede Battle Royale game mode.

Season 2 of AEW Fight Forever continued the trend of introducing new content with the addition of a Dynamite arena and the tag team of Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, also known as The Acclaimed. The Beat The Elite mode offered a unique gameplay experience by challenging players to face off against members of The Elite for in-game rewards. The final Season 2 DLC release brought former WWE star Toni Storm into the mix.

While the AEW Fight Forever DLC has undoubtedly expanded the game’s content, there are still areas that leave much to be desired. The absence of certain high-profile wrestlers like Samoa Joe and the steep pricing of the season pass may deter some players from fully engaging with the new content. Additionally, the emphasis on mini-games in the DLC packs may not resonate with all players, who may have preferred a focus on adding more diverse and fresh characters to the roster.

The AEW Fight Forever DLC has brought a mix of excitement and disappointment to the gaming community. While the addition of new characters and game modes has enhanced the overall gameplay experience, there are significant areas for improvement. Moving forward, developers should consider balancing the addition of mini-games with more substantial character updates to cater to a wider range of player preferences and expectations. Ultimately, the success of future DLC releases will depend on the ability to address these critical feedback points and deliver a more well-rounded and engaging gaming experience.


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