The Impact of Dark Souls Trilogy on Video Game Culture

The Dark Souls trilogy by From Software has left an undeniable mark on the world of video games. To honor this influential series, Future Press released an updated version of the comprehensive Dark Souls Trilogy compendium in April. Spanning an impressive 480 pages, this book delves deep into the intricate art, in-game lore, and behind-the-scenes history of all three Dark Souls titles. It serves as a treasure trove of information for dedicated fans looking to immerse themselves further in the universe they love.

An Essential Collector’s Item

While the Dark Souls Trilogy compendium is currently out of stock, it is set to be available for order again soon (as of May 27). For enthusiasts of the series, securing a copy sooner rather than later is advisable, as it may sell out quickly once more. This hardcover book provides a detailed exploration of the rich history of Dark Souls, offering insights into the core storylines of each game. Additionally, it features meticulously crafted illustrated maps, complete NPC dialogue, and serves as a convenient reference guide for players navigating the complex worlds of Dark Souls.

Art Prints and Additional Offerings

As an added bonus, purchasers of the Dark Souls Trilogy compendium will receive four exclusive art prints. These prints have been carefully chosen and printed on top-quality cardstock, ensuring that they are ready for display in any gaming space. For fans seeking more ways to fully immerse themselves in the dark and fantastical realms created by From Software, there are currently discounts available on a variety of graphic novels and art books. This includes the complete Dark Souls: Design Works series, as well as popular graphic novels like Dark Souls: Complete Collection and the Bloodborne Vol. 1-3 Box Set.

The impact of the Dark Souls trilogy on video game culture is undeniable. Future Press’s Dark Souls Trilogy compendium serves as a testament to the depth and complexity of this beloved series, offering fans a chance to delve even deeper into the lore and artistry that make Dark Souls such a unique experience. With its comprehensive exploration of the franchise’s history and a wealth of bonus content, this compendium is a must-have for any serious admirer of Dark Souls.


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