The Impact of Renown Rank in Unicorn Overlord

In the game Unicorn Overlord, your Liberation Army’s renown rank plays a crucial role in your success. This rank can increase as you win battles and complete quests, allowing you to enhance your units and upgrade them to more advanced classes. It is essential to focus on increasing your renown rank early on in the game to gain a competitive edge.

One of the primary ways to earn more renown in Unicorn Overlord is by completing missions and quests. After finishing each mission, you are awarded a score based on various factors such as completion time, units defeated, and objectives completed. This score is then used to grant you gold, renown, and honors, with higher scores resulting in more significant rewards. To earn more renown in each mission, you can choose to engage in more battles, accomplish additional objectives, and strive to finish the task quickly.

Completing quests, which are often associated with battles, can also earn you some renown. Additionally, rebuilding towns found in the game is another way to increase your renown. By liberating towns through missions and then completing deliveries, you can earn stars indicating a successful rebuild and receive renown as a reward. Each town can have between one to three stars, and completing all deliveries unlocks rewards.

Rising through the renown ranks in Unicorn Overlord offers several benefits to players. Firstly, it increases the multiplier for mission scores, resulting in higher rewards. Moreover, reaching higher renown ranks unlocks new features at forts and allows you to expand the number of characters in each unit. Initially limited to three characters per unit, you can increase this to six as you progress in renown rank.

At renown rank B, players unlock the ability to upgrade characters to advanced classes, further enhancing their units’ abilities. While these upgrades require honors, having larger units with advanced classes significantly improves your chances of success in battles, particularly in the early stages of the game. Therefore, focusing on increasing your renown rank is essential for overall progress and success in Unicorn Overlord.


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