The Importance of Nintendo’s Involvement in Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest, created by Geoff Keighley, has been successful in maintaining good relationships with major first parties such as Microsoft and PlayStation. However, Nintendo has not been actively involved in this event. Keighley expressed his hope for Nintendo to join the lineup in the future, acknowledging the importance of having all three major players participate in Summer Game Fest.

Geoff Keighley understands that each company operates according to its own playbook and plan, especially during this busy time of year. While he would like to see Nintendo make an appearance, he acknowledges that there are limitations to what can be covered during the event. Keighley emphasized the importance of spreading announcements across different platforms and events to cater to a wide audience.

Nintendo has confirmed a Direct showcase in June 2024, focusing on software for the Switch and the latter half of the year. Additionally, a Switch “successor” announcement is expected later this fiscal year. Despite the excitement surrounding these announcements, Geoff Keighley has advised fans to manage their expectations, hinting that Sora’s next adventure may not be revealed during this year’s showcase.

Keighley highlighted the evolving nature of Summer Game Fest, emphasizing that it is not just a two-hour show but a whole period of time. While the event aims to bring together various companies and announcements, it does not claim ownership of these individual events. Instead, Summer Game Fest serves as a platform for audiences to experience a journey through multiple gaming announcements.

As fans eagerly await Nintendo’s involvement in Summer Game Fest, it is clear that the event holds significance in the gaming industry. By including all major first parties, such as Nintendo, the event can reach a broader audience and showcase a diverse range of gaming experiences. While the specifics of Nintendo’s participation remain uncertain, the anticipation for their involvement adds to the excitement surrounding Summer Game Fest.


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