The Importance of SEAF Planets in Helldivers 2

There are certain planets in Helldivers 2 that house SEAF training bases, and these bases play a crucial role in the liberation efforts against Automatons and Terminids. These training bases provide a liberation boost to all other planets, but there’s a catch – the planet must be under Super Earth’s control for the bonus to apply. If the planet falls into enemy hands, the bonus is lost for good. This vital piece of information is often overlooked or forgotten by many freedom fighters.

Take the example of Vernen Wells, which was making it 5% easier to liberate all other planets. However, once the planet was captured by the Automatons and the SEAF facility destroyed, the collective effort against the enemies became 5% harder. The loss of a SEAF planet has a direct impact on the overall progress of the liberation front, highlighting the importance of defending these planets at all costs.

Players have expressed a desire for clearer communication regarding SEAF planets. Many have suggested that these planets should be marked on the map with a SEAF emblem or some other visual indicator to remind players of their significance. With Major Orders often taking priority, it’s easy for these important planets to be overlooked. A stronger emphasis on the importance of defending SEAF planets is needed to ensure the success of the liberation efforts.

In the ongoing fight for democracy, it is crucial to prioritize the defense of planets like Heeth, Angel’s Venture, and Aesir Pass. These planets currently grant bonuses to the liberation efforts and must be safeguarded against enemy forces. By focusing on the protection of these key planets, freedom fighters can increase their chances of success in the battle against the Automatons and Terminids.

The SEAF planets in Helldivers 2 play a vital role in the liberation front against the Automatons and Terminids. It is essential for players to be aware of the bonuses granted by these planets and to prioritize their defense to ensure the success of the overall mission. Clearer communication and visual indicators on the map can help remind players of the importance of SEAF planets and encourage them to take action in defending them. By rallying together to protect these key planets, freedom fighters can strengthen their collective effort and turn the tide against the enemy forces.


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