The Innovative Fusion of Science and Adventure in Exographer

Exographer is not your typical Metroidvania game. Created by CERN physicist and sci-fi author, Raphael Granier de Cassagnac, this upcoming adventure title takes a different approach by focusing on science-based puzzles rather than combat. Players will have the opportunity to explore a strange and atmospheric environment while utilizing four distinct powers to uncover hidden secrets.

– **Exploration, Puzzles, and Platforming**: Exographer is a 2D “metroidvania” adventure that emphasizes exploration, puzzles, and platforming over traditional combat mechanics.
– **Science-Based Gameplay**: The game incorporates science-based powers, puzzles, and narrative elements, offering a unique and educational experience for players.
– **Ancient Civilization and Alien Planetoid**: Players will delve into the mysteries of an alien planetoid and discover traces of an ancient civilization as they progress through the game.
– **Unique Powers**: To overcome obstacles, players must master and combine four distinct powers: Gluon Boots, Photon Sphere, Wedic Waves, and Zediacal Boxes.
– **Rich Content**: Exographer boasts six different atmospheres, 20 levels, nine scientists to interact with, and 139 hidden pictures to reveal, including 17 pixules corresponding to real elementary particles.
– **Lengthy Gameplay**: With approximately 15 hours of gameplay, players can expect a substantial and engaging experience.
– **Immersive Soundtrack**: The game features a captivating soundtrack composed by Yann Van Der Cruyssen, known for his work on titles like Stray and Cave Story.

Although Exographer currently has a release window set for 2024, specific details about the launch date remain undisclosed. As fans eagerly anticipate its arrival, the gaming community looks forward to experiencing this innovative blend of science and adventure in a captivating Metroidvania setting.

Exographer stands out as a promising addition to the world of indie games, offering a fresh take on the popular Metroidvania genre. By integrating science-based gameplay elements and challenging puzzles, this upcoming title has the potential to engage and educate players in a unique and immersive way. Keep an eye out for Exographer and prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure unlike any other.


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