The Intriguing World of Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Trilogy Deluxe

Every avid gamer knows the excitement of discovering a new game that captures their attention and immerses them in a captivating storyline. Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Trilogy Deluxe is one such game that delivers an engrossing experience for detective aficionados. In this collection of four detective stories set in Japan, players are tasked with solving gruesome murders across various towns and villages. With its similarities to the investigation aspects of Ace Attorney, this game is a must-play for fans eagerly awaiting the release of the Apollo Justice Trilogy. Currently available at a discounted price in the Steam Winter Sale, along with a free demo, Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Trilogy Deluxe is a game worth exploring.

A Thrilling Collection of Cases

Unlike most detective games, Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Trilogy Deluxe offers players the freedom to play the cases in any order. However, following the presented numerical order is recommended, as there are subtle connections and callbacks between the cases. The first case, “The Executioner Linchpin,” sets the stage by delving into Makoto’s background. As players listen to his grandfather recounting an old case from the 1980s involving mysterious beheadings, the protagonist’s journey begins. In case two, “The Bogeyman’s Woods,” players take control of an adult Makoto, unraveling clues in a sprawling rural estate and its adjacent forest. The narrative unfolds further in case three, as Makoto finds himself framed for murder, reminiscent of the unexpected twists encountered in Ace Attorney. Finally, case four presents a classic locked room mystery, where players navigate a haunted hotel amidst a thunderstorm. Each case offers a unique set of challenges and surprises, keeping players engaged and eager to uncover the truth.

Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Trilogy Deluxe encapsulates the essence of a true detective experience by emphasizing the process of investigation. As players travel between different scenes, collecting evidence and interrogating characters becomes essential for progress. Similar to the mechanics in Ace Attorney, players can discuss specific clues with characters by selecting them in the notebook and raising them in conversation. The absence of courtroom theatrics and finger-waggling does not hinder the satisfaction derived from deducing the truth. Additionally, Makoto’s pillar-based mind palace serves as a platform for players to piece together the information gathered throughout each case. This straightforward yet engaging gameplay enhances the overall experience, creating a promising platform for the developer’s upcoming game, Urban Myth Dissolution Center, due to release in the near future.

A well-designed interface can make or break a gaming experience, and Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Trilogy Deluxe excels in this aspect. The game ensures players do not waste time searching for elusive clues or endlessly interacting with the same characters. The interface provides clear indicators when an area has been thoroughly examined, preventing fruitless backtracking. Additionally, the notebook conveniently highlights which characters possess valuable information related to particular clues. This attention to detail saves players both time and energy, offering an efficient gameplay experience. Moreover, the current discounted price of just over £6/$7 on Steam, as part of the Winter Sale, presents an irresistible opportunity for gamers to embark on a six-hour journey of detective prowess.

Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Trilogy Deluxe offers an immersive and enjoyable detective experience for gaming enthusiasts. The collection of four distinct cases, with their interconnected narrative, provides intrigue and keeps players engrossed. The game’s emphasis on investigation, the user-friendly interface, and the promise of future releases from the developer contribute to its appeal. Whether purchased during the Winter Sale or at the regular price, Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Trilogy Deluxe guarantees hours of thrilling detective work. So, put on your detective hat, sharpen your deductive skills, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the intriguing world of Makoto Wakaido’s Case Files Trilogy Deluxe.


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