The Last of Us: Part 3 – An Exciting Possibility or Unnecessary Continuation?

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann, the co-president and creative director, has sparked speculation about the potential development of The Last of Us: Part 3. Despite Naughty Dog’s previous statements about not feeling obligated to continue the story, Druckmann believes that there might be one more chapter left to explore in this gripping action-adventure series. In a recent Making-Of feature, he discussed the evolution of the series and hinted at a concept that could tie all three games together. While this doesn’t confirm the development of a third single-player game, it certainly leaves fans eager to learn more about the future of The Last of Us.

Themes of Love and Justice

One of the defining elements of the first game was the exploration of a parent’s love for their child. Druckmann acknowledges this in the Making-Of video, stating that the unconditional love theme was the foundation of the original game. However, the second installment took a different direction, focusing on the pursuit of justice at any cost. Druckmann emphasizes that this shift maintained a cohesive throughline while also introducing new thematic elements. He suggests that if The Last of Us: Part 3 is never realized, the story would still find a satisfying conclusion with the second game. The concept of justice and love has been a thought-provoking centerpiece, leaving players pondering whether the story truly needs another installment.

The Privilege of Creative Freedom

Druckmann expresses his gratitude for Naughty Dog’s open-mindedness and their willingness to embrace new projects. He highlights the fact that although the team would love to create another Last of Us game, they understand the importance of pursuing other passions and avenues. The studio’s exceptional position in the industry allows them to take risks and explore new storylines and concepts. Recently, Druckmann has discovered a concept that he finds just as exciting as the previous games, presenting an opportunity for a new and unique experience. This revelation has sparked his belief that there might be room for one more chapter in The Last of Us saga.

Druckmann clarifies a previous misconception about a story involving Joel Miller’s brother, Tommy. Many news outlets misunderstood this project as The Last of Us: Part 3. However, Druckmann explains that it was always meant to be a smaller-scale story, and not a full-fledged title. While it was temporarily put on hold due to other priorities, Druckmann still hopes to release it in some form, whether as a game or as a show. The Last of Us fanbase now has the opportunity to speculate on the possibilities of this smaller story, creating anticipation around what Naughty Dog might have in store for them.

Potential Spin-offs and Adaptations

Considering the success of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, a standalone spin-off from the Uncharted series, it is not far-fetched to imagine a similar approach for The Last of Us. Naughty Dog might explore side stories or new characters within the same universe without the need for a fully-fledged sequel. Additionally, the well-received HBO adaptation of The Last of Us opens up the possibility of further exploring the narrative through a different medium. These potential spin-offs and adaptations offer exciting avenues for expanding The Last of Us universe.

While fans may be excited about the idea of The Last of Us: Part 3, there are still unresolved questions and controversies surrounding the series. Naughty Dog’s cancellation of The Last of Us Online, a highly anticipated multiplayer live service offering, disappointed many fans. Their decision to prioritize single-player narrative games could potentially hinder the development of a third game. Furthermore, the recent conflict in Israel, which Druckmann drew inspiration from for Part 2, raises concerns about the appropriateness and potential backlash of continuing a story rooted in real-world conflicts.

As Naughty Dog continues to prioritize their single-player narrative games, the possibility of a PC port for The Last of Us Part 2 remains a topic of speculation. The studio’s decision to remaster the console edition suggests that a PC version might be on the horizon. However, these considerations come at a time when the world is still grappling with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has undoubtedly affected the gaming industry. Nonetheless, fans can’t help but wonder about the future of The Last of Us and eagerly await any news or announcements from Naughty Dog.

While Neil Druckmann’s comments hint at the potential for a third installment in The Last of Us series, it is essential to approach this information with cautious excitement. The exploration of new themes, the possibility of spin-offs, and the creative freedom Naughty Dog possesses make the idea of The Last of Us: Part 3 intriguing. However, there are still unanswered questions and controversies surrounding the series. Only time will tell if Naughty Dog decides to continue the story or if The Last of Us has indeed reached its final chapter.


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