The Last of Us Part II: Coming to PC in 2025?

Recent reports suggest that The Last of Us Part II will be following its predecessor onto PC in the near future. The PC port of the game has reportedly been in development since at least 2021, with development said to have been completed as early as last November. However, despite this, it appears that we may have to wait until 2025 for the game to actually be released to the public.

The first installment of the series, The Last of Us, made its way to PC in March of the previous year, six months after its remastered version was released on the PS5. It is speculated that the PC release of The Last of Us Part II may also be based on its remastered version for the PS5. The gap between the original release of Part II and its remaster was shorter compared to the first game, so the visual improvements are expected to be less dramatic.

Despite reports of the PC port being completed, it is suggested that the delay in the release could be due to giving the console version some breathing room. Additionally, it is speculated that the PC release of Part II may coincide with the second season of the live-action HBO adaptation, which is expected to cover parts of the sequel’s intense storyline.

As of now, there has been no official confirmation from Sony regarding the PC release of The Last of Us Part II. With many PlayStation exclusives making their way to PC, it is highly likely that Part II will follow suit eventually. When the game does make its way to PC, it is expected that players will need to sign in with their PlayStation account to access it.

While fans of The Last of Us series eagerly await the PC release of the highly acclaimed Part II, it seems that they may have to exercise some patience. With reports of development being completed months ago, the delay in the release date until 2025 may come as a disappointment to some. However, the wait may be worth it, considering the enhancements and improvements that the PC version is expected to offer. Only time will tell when players will be able to experience the gripping narrative and intense gameplay of The Last of Us Part II on PC.


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