The Latest Rumours Surrounding Nintendo’s Next-Generation Handheld System

The gaming industry is abuzz with rumours about the successor to the Nintendo Switch, and the latest report from Reuters adds more weight to the speculations. According to an “exclusive” by Reuters, Nvidia, the tech giant, is reportedly establishing a dedicated business unit that specializes in crafting customized chips for hardware firms. It is believed that Nvidia has already designed a bespoke chip specifically for Nintendo’s next-generation handheld system. While this report is yet to be officially confirmed, it aligns with previous claims and the ongoing relationship between Nintendo and Nvidia.

Nintendo’s current Switch handheld console already utilizes Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip, showcasing their existing partnership. If the reports of a new version of the Switch console are true, it is highly likely that Nintendo will opt for a custom-designed chip from Nvidia. This move would enhance the performance and capabilities of the next-generation handheld system, providing gamers with an even more immersive experience.

While the exact release date of the new Nintendo hardware has not been officially announced, the Reuters report predicts its arrival sometime this year. This estimate aligns with previous rumours and speculation from various sources. However, it is important to note that Nintendo is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to discussing upcoming products, so their silence on the matter is not surprising.

Previous Speculations Reinforced

This recent report from Reuters essentially reinforces the existing rumours circulating in the gaming community. Last month, Bloomberg reported that the new Nintendo hardware is expected to hit the market in 2024. Additionally, an analyst from Bloomberg suggested that the upcoming handheld system would boast an 8-inch LCD screen. These details, combined with Nvidia’s reported involvement, indicate that Nintendo is working towards creating a highly impressive and technologically advanced successor to the Switch.

If Nintendo does, indeed, collaborate with Nvidia to develop a custom-designed chip, it would mark a significant step forward for the gaming company. Such a chip would not only offer enhanced performance but would also be tailored specifically for Nintendo’s hardware needs. This level of customization would result in a more efficient and optimized handheld system, ensuring a smoother gaming experience for users.

The rumours surrounding Nintendo’s next-generation handheld system are gaining momentum, with the recent report from Reuters supporting the claims of an upcoming hardware release. While Nintendo remains tight-lipped on the matter, the involvement of Nvidia and the potential for a custom-designed chip indicate that exciting developments are in store for gaming enthusiasts. As gamers eagerly await official confirmation from Nintendo, the anticipation continues to build for what could be the next groundbreaking iteration in handheld gaming.


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