The Launch of Steam Families: A Comprehensive Overview

Valve has recently introduced Steam Families on the Steam Beta Client, a new set of family sharing options that replace the existing Family Sharing and Family View features. This update aims to centralize game management for families and provide greater control over game access for family members.

Under the new rules, a Steam Family can consist of the primary account holder and up to five additional family members. Family members can access and play games that support Family Sharing from the collective library. Additionally, family members can play games even if the primary account holder is already online and playing a game. Each user will have their own saved games, achievements, and workshop file access within the shared library.

While not all games support Family Sharing and developers can choose to opt out, Valve provides a list of supported games for reference. When joining a Steam Family, all supported games owned by family members will appear in a dedicated ‘Steam Family’ subsection of the Steam library. In addition, Steam Families offer new parental controls that enable adults to set restrictions on game access and playtime for their children.

Child accounts within Steam Families now have the ability to request game purchases from adult accounts, eliminating the need for gift purchases or sharing of credit card information. Adults can approve or deny these requests via email or the Steam mobile app. This streamlined process aims to simplify buying games for kids and offers a safer way to make purchases within the family structure.

For users interested in experiencing the Steam Families beta firsthand, the process is simple. By opening Steam, navigating to Settings, selecting Interface, and choosing Client Beta Participation from the dropdown menu, users can opt-in to the Steam Family Beta. This feature allows users to explore the new family sharing options and parental controls before they are officially released.

The launch of Steam Families represents a significant step towards improving the gaming experience for families on the platform. With enhanced sharing capabilities, parental controls, and streamlined purchase processes, Steam is aiming to create a more user-friendly and secure environment for players of all ages. As the beta version continues to evolve, users can look forward to even more features and enhancements in the future.


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