The Mixed Reception of ‘Lords of the Fallen’: A Review Round-Up

The release of Hexworks and CI Games’ “Lords of the Fallen” has generated a range of reviews from critics, with opinions divided on the game’s execution. While it incorporates an interesting twist with its incorporation of two realms, the reception is ultimately mixed. This article will provide an overview of selected reviews, highlighting both positive and negative aspects of the game.

At the forefront of the reviews is the Umbral dimension, the ethereal realm that adds a unique element to “Lords of the Fallen.” Critics unanimously agreed that this addition was a commendable move, enhancing the exploration and atmosphere of the game. However, opinions diverged when it came to the game’s other aspects.

Phil Hornshaw, writing for GameSpot, praised the game’s visually impressive world and the Umbral dimension’s contribution to the overall experience. However, he found fault with the level design and the sense of reward from challenging battles. “Lords of the Fallen” fell short in delivering satisfying payoffs for the risks involved, leading to frustration and tedium.

On the other hand, James Troughton from TheGamer voiced a more positive stance. He appreciated the game’s departure from simply emulating the Dark Souls series, describing it as a breath of fresh air. While he had reservations about the slow start and linearity, Troughton commended the boss fights and the unique take on the Umbral world concept. He believed that the game successfully iterated on the genre without becoming a pale imitation of its predecessors.

Harvey Randall’s review on PC Gamer highlighted that “Lords of the Fallen” featured some of the best boss fights in recent memory for the genre. However, he did express dissatisfaction with the difficulty spikes that occurred in problematic areas. He also commended the Umbral dimension concept and the overall atmosphere of the game while criticizing the inconsistency in its execution. The game seemed to struggle with finding a balance, resulting in a disjointed gameplay experience.

TJ Denzer, in his review for Shacknews, echoed the sentiment regarding the uneven challenges of the game. Despite this critique, Denzer held a positive view of “Lords of the Fallen.” He praised the creativity exemplified by the Umbral world and its mechanics, which constantly pushed him to the edge between safety and death. While he believed the threat of the Umbral dimension could have been further explored, Denzer found himself genuinely intrigued by the potential it offered.

The reception of “Lords of the Fallen” has been mixed. While the game’s integration of the Umbral dimension received unanimous praise for its contribution to the overall experience, other aspects faced criticism. Issues with level design, inconsistent difficulty spikes, and disjointed gameplay raised concerns for some reviewers. However, there was also praise for the game’s departure from the well-established Dark Souls formula, as it attempted to carve its path within the genre. Overall, “Lords of the Fallen” presents an intriguing concept that fell short in execution, leaving room for improvement in future endeavors.

As with any game, personal preferences will ultimately influence one’s appreciation for “Lords of the Fallen.” It is advisable to consider these varied opinions and decide for oneself whether this game is worth diving into or if one’s time would be better spent elsewhere.


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