The Multi-Platform Approach: Indiana Jones, Xbox, and PlayStation 5

In a surprising move, Bethesda’s upcoming Indiana Jones game is tentatively set to launch on Sony’s PlayStation 5 console. This revelation came after the game was announced for Xbox and PC during Microsoft’s Xbox Developer Direct event last month. According to a source familiar with Microsoft’s plans, the company is adopting a new multi-platform approach for certain Xbox games, including Indiana Jones. While the game is initially slated as an Xbox console exclusive, it seems that Bethesda is considering a release for PS5 at a later date.

Microsoft, known for its Xbox exclusives, is reportedly evaluating the possibility of bringing certain games to rival consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and Sony’s PS5. The decision to adopt a multi-platform approach marks a significant shift in the company’s strategy. Both Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush have been mentioned as potential cross-platform titles. In fact, an announcement regarding Hi-Fi Rush’s availability on non-Xbox platforms is expected in the coming weeks.

XboxEra reports that Microsoft is even planning to bring Starfield, one of its highly anticipated games, to the PS5. This move would follow the release of the game’s “Shattered Space” expansion for Xbox and PC. It seems that Microsoft is willing to expand its reach and cater to gamers who own rival consoles. This decision reflects the company’s ambition to make its games more accessible to a wider audience.

It’s worth noting that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was originally intended for multiple consoles. During the FTC v. Microsoft case last year, Pete Hines, Bethesda’s former head of global publishing, testified that Disney had originally signed a contract for multiple consoles. However, after Microsoft acquired Bethesda, the deal was amended to make the game an Xbox console exclusive. Hines attributed this change to potential delays caused by having to accommodate the licensor’s feedback, which would have prolonged the schedule.

Bringing Indiana Jones to the PlayStation 5 would undoubtedly be a surprising move, given the history of Xbox exclusives. Nevertheless, there is still an intense internal debate at Microsoft regarding which Xbox games should be made available on rival consoles. While it appears that Microsoft has decided on certain titles for multi-platform releases, the specific details are yet to be revealed. The company is carefully weighing its options to strike a balance between exclusivity and wider accessibility.

The Conclusion

Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game is poised to make its way onto the PlayStation 5, expanding its availability beyond the Xbox and PC platforms. This decision is part of Microsoft’s broader shift towards a multi-platform approach for selected Xbox games. The addition of games like Starfield and Hi-Fi Rush to rival consoles further underscores this strategy. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, Microsoft’s willingness to adapt and embrace a diverse player base can only benefit both the company and gamers alike.

(Note: This article has been critically analyzed and rewritten based on original information provided by Tom Warren, a senior editor covering Microsoft, PC gaming, console, and tech for The Verge.)


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