The Mystic Puzzles of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The world of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is filled with wonder, mystery, and a bunch of puzzles, too. One, in particular, requires you to use cloned versions of your character, Sargon, just to clear a path. This article will guide you through the Sacred Archives time puzzle, a main quest called the Path to the Sands Prison. This portion of the campaign tasks you with breaking a seal, but you need a couple of new abilities to do just that.

One power, the Dimensional Claw, comes from a boss fight. It grants you the ability to manipulate time and space. This particular puzzle, meanwhile, nets you the Clairvoyance skill. For the other unlockable abilities, you can refer to our Time Powers guide.

Locating the Puzzle Chamber

To begin the puzzle, you must make your way to the western portion of the Sacred Archives zone. Once you arrive, you’ll be confronted with walls blocking your path, forcing you to find an alternative route. Follow the corridors heading west, then south and east, until you reach the bottom section of the chamber.

Solving the Sacred Archives Puzzle

To solve the Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Sacred Archives puzzle, you must make clever use of Sargon’s clones. The puzzle consists of three rounds, each requiring precise actions to progress.

First Round

In the first round, you must jump and pull either the left or right lever on the wall and stay in that position. This action will create a temporary clone of Sargon. The clone will then perform the same maneuver during the next round.

Second Round

In the second round, activate your Shadow of the Simurgh power to teleport Sargon to the clone’s previous position. Continue making your way to the top of the room to step on the plate. This will open the cell door.

Third Round

By the third round, the path to the unlocked cell should be clear. Wait until the door is opened, and then collect the tablet inside.

There are three different variations of the Sacred Archives puzzle, each with its own set of challenges.

First Variation

In this variation, traverse the room and make your way to the top-left corner in the first round. Use your Shadow of the Simurgh power to create a copy of Sargon. During the second round, activate your power again to teleport Sargon to the previous spot. Finally, continue to the top of the room and step on the plate in the third round.

Second Variation

In the second variation, pull the lower-right lever in the first round and stay in that position. Around five seconds before the round ends, jump back down and step on the floor plate. During the second round, wall-jump and grab the upper-left lever. Stay in that position until the round ends. In the third round, wall-jump and hop your way to the open cell and the tablet.

Third Variation

The third and final variation of the Sacred Archives puzzle is the most challenging. In the first round, quickly run down below, then air dash to the right of the emerging platform. Activate your Shadow of the Simurgh power to create a copy of Sargon. Step on the floor plate and stay there. In the second round, move down to the lower chamber, wait for the platform to emerge, and pull the lever to create a wall. Time it right, so you reactivate your Shadow of the Simurgh once the platform has appeared, allowing you to teleport to the ledge and wall-jump to the top.

The Rewards of the Lost Crown

Upon completing all Sacred Archives time puzzles, you will be rewarded with the Clairvoyance time power. With this ability, you can turn transparent objects into solid ones and vice versa. Use it wisely to create platforms, cross chasms, climb ledges, and pass through gaps. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown takes players on a mystifying adventure through Mount Qaf, where various mechanics await exploration.

The Sacred Archives puzzle in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown offers an engaging and challenging experience. By mastering the puzzle mechanics and utilizing Sargon’s clone ability, players can overcome each obstacle and progress in their journey. With the Clairvoyance time power as a reward, the possibilities for exploration and puzzle-solving truly become endless.


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