The Naming Dilemma: Madame Web’s Unofficial Superhero Team

Marvel movies have consistently set high expectations among fans and critics alike. So, it comes as no surprise that Madame Web, the latest addition to the Marvel cinematic universe, deviates from the brand’s usual norms in many ways. With a significantly lower budget, this movie took a different approach by filming mostly on location instead of relying on soundstages. Moreover, the presence of an evil Spider-Man lookalike and the discreet placement of Marvel Easter eggs contribute to the unique nature of this film. However, what truly sets it apart is the spotlight given to a Marvel superhero team that has yet to be officially named.

The Enigmatic Group

Madame Web, known for her role as a cryptic mentor to various Spider-people in the comics, joins forces with a group of extraordinary Spider-Women in the movie. This team comprises Celeste O’Connor as Mattie Franklin, Sydney Sweeney as Julia Cornwall, and Isabela Merced as Aña Corazón (also known as Araña in the comics). During a conversation with the trio at the Madame Web junket, I couldn’t help but ask if they had come up with a name for themselves. Surprisingly, they revealed that they refer to their group as “the Boo Crew.”

The Boo Crew’s Beginnings

The origin of the Boo Crew’s name is an endearing tale involving matching sweaters. Merced attributed the idea to Sydney Sweeney, who supposedly bought the sweaters for all of them. However, O’Connor quickly corrected her by revealing that it was her girlfriend who initiated this heartwarming gesture of friendship. The Boo Crew swooned over their matching sweaters and recounted how they even wore them during a Halloween movie pajama party. Merced couldn’t help but exclaim how cute the moment was, stating, “It was so cute I wanna throw up.”

While the Boo Crew may hold sentimental value for the members themselves, it does raise some concerns when it comes to wider recognition. As Sweeney jokingly remarked, “Everybody’s just gonna be booing when we come in to fight.” This interpretation may not align with the heroic image typically associated with superhero teams. It is unlikely that the decision-makers at Sony and Marvel would be in favor of adopting such a name for the official in-universe team. Yet, it is refreshing to see the creativity and camaraderie within the group.

Despite the unlikely adoption of the Boo Crew as their official team name, I inquired whether they had considered pitching this or any other ideas to Sony or Marvel. Unsurprisingly, they admitted to not pursuing this avenue, acknowledging the silliness of the suggestion. Nevertheless, they did propose a few alternative names during our conversation. Sweeney suggested “Spidey Sisters,” which Merced found cool and catchy. Merced herself drew inspiration from famous girl groups such as the Cheetah Girls, Destiny’s Child, and Spice Girls, suggesting a similar vibe for their name. O’Connor’s contribution, “The Spidey Girls,” received positive feedback from the others.

In a separate interview with Dakota Johnson, the actress playing the title character, I inquired about her thoughts on the matter. Surprisingly, she revealed that she was not privy to the Boo Crew group chat, expressing a twinge of disappointment. It is intriguing to see how the dynamics within the cast may have contributed to the formation of the Boo Crew without Johnson’s involvement.

Madame Web, a standalone Marvel movie existing outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showcases the story of unsung heroes coming together to face extraordinary challenges. While their team may lack an official name at present, the Boo Crew represents the bond formed between three talented actresses on and off-screen. Whether their super team gains official recognition or not, the camaraderie and friendship they share make them heroes in their own right.

Madame Web takes a bold leap in deviating from the typical Marvel movie formula. From its unique production approach to its depiction of an unnamed superhero team, the film provides audiences with a fresh perspective. The Boo Crew, as they affectionately refer to themselves, showcases the power of friendship and the potential for unexpected alliances. While their name may not be embraced by the higher-ups at Sony and Marvel, it reflects the genuine connection between the cast members. Madame Web ventures into uncharted territory, reminding us that even the nameless heroes among us possess the strength to make a difference.


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