The New Virtual Card Number Feature in iOS 17.4 Beta: A Game-Changer for Apple Cash Users

Apple has recently introduced a groundbreaking feature in its iOS 17.4 beta that has got Apple Cash users buzzing with excitement. According to reports from Reddit users, the beta version allows iPhone users to generate a virtual card number for Apple Cash, eliminating one of the significant drawbacks of the built-in Venmo-like service. This new addition opens up a world of possibilities for Apple Cash users, enabling them to make payments even when Apple Pay is not available. While this feature is gradually being rolled out to beta users, users can easily check if they have access to it by following a simple two-step procedure in the Wallet app.

Once the virtual card number feature has been set up, users can tap on their Apple Cash card in the Wallet app and find a message below their balance inviting them to set up a virtual card number. By creating the virtual card number, users gain access to the newly-generated card information, including an expiration date and three-digit security code. This innovative feature is a game-changer for Apple Cash users who frequently find themselves in situations where Apple Pay is unsupported. Now, they can conveniently auto-fill their Apple Cash card number instead of going through the hassle of transferring money to their bank, which often incurs a small fee for instant transfers.

With the introduction of the virtual card number feature, Apple Cash users no longer need to rely solely on Apple Pay for their transactions. While Apple Cash still utilizes a separate card number for Apple Pay transactions, users can easily access this information through the Wallet app. By tapping on the “Additional Card Numbers” option, users can view their Apple Pay card number. This added level of convenience and flexibility is a testament to Apple’s commitment to providing its users with seamless and user-friendly experiences.

The virtual card number feature expands the reach of Apple Cash, making it a more viable payment option for users in a variety of scenarios. Although Apple Pay has gained widespread adoption, there are still numerous places where it is not supported. This limitation frustrated many Apple Cash users who had to resort to alternative methods for making payments. With the virtual card number feature, Apple Cash users can now make payments confidently, knowing that they have a reliable and accessible payment option at their disposal.

The introduction of the virtual card number feature in the iOS 17.4 beta is just one example of the continuous innovation that Apple brings to its products and services. By listening to user feedback and addressing their pain points, Apple demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the user experience. As technology and consumer needs evolve, one can only anticipate even more exciting updates and features from Apple in the future.

The virtual card number feature in the iOS 17.4 beta is a game-changer for Apple Cash users. By providing a workaround for situations where Apple Pay is not available, Apple has elevated the convenience and flexibility of its built-in Venmo-like service. This feature opens up a world of possibilities for users, allowing them to make payments hassle-free. As Apple continues to innovate and address user needs, it is evident that the future of Apple Cash and digital payments is bright and promising.


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