The Next Nintendo Console: Predictions and Possibilities

Former Nintendo employees, Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang, recently shared their thoughts and predictions on the next Nintendo console. In a video outlining their predictions for 2024, Ellis and Yang offered insights on when the console could be announced, its potential release date, improvements over the current Switch, and more. While their predictions may not be set in stone, they provide an interesting perspective on what the future may hold for Nintendo.

Both Ellis and Yang agree that the successor to the Switch will be announced in the first half of 2024. Yang specifically predicts an announcement in Q1, possibly tied to Nintendo’s next financial year beginning on April 1, 2024. According to Yang, announcing the console before the end of the fiscal year would be strategically beneficial for the company’s relationship with shareholders. On the other hand, Ellis shares similar sentiments, expressing his belief that Nintendo now places greater importance on shareholder opinions.

In terms of the release date, Yang suggests that the console will be revealed in June or July, with marketing efforts ramping up in April and May. Although she predicts initial stock constraints, she expects these issues to be resolved before the holiday shopping season. Meanwhile, Ellis concurs with Yang’s estimate, stating that he believes the console will be available by September 1.

The Switch Successor: Improvements and Form Factor

When discussing the potential improvements of the next Nintendo console, Ellis draws a parallel to the transition from DS to 3DS. He suggests that the console will retain a similar form factor to the Switch but offer increased power. Both Ellis and Yang agree that the console will be a handheld device capable of docking into a television, much like the current Switch.

Yang and Ellis also share their thoughts on backwards compatibility. Ellis predicts that there will be two models of the new console: one supporting digital backwards compatibility through eShop purchases, and a “higher-end” version with a physical cartridge slot for games exclusive to the newer console. He believes that offering a lower-end version at a lower price point could broaden the appeal of Nintendo’s products.

However, Yang disagrees with this prediction, voicing concerns that multiple SKUs could lead to confusion among consumers and dilute the brand’s messaging. It remains to be seen which direction Nintendo will take regarding this matter.

Pricing and Games

According to Yang, the next Nintendo console will likely launch with a price tag of $400. As for the games, Ellis and Yang predict that Mario Kart 9 will be a key launch title for the new console. While this game has not been officially announced, its release seems highly probable given the immense success of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

In addition to Ellis and Yang’s predictions, other industry experts have offered their own expectations for the next Nintendo console. One video game analyst has estimated a $400 price point and $70 games for the Switch 2. Furthermore, reports indicate that Switch 2 development kits are already in the hands of developers, suggesting a 2024 launch is in the works.

Digital Foundry, a prominent technology analysis group, has also speculated on the potential hardware internals of the Switch 2. They even constructed a PC that closely emulates the expected power of the console. Based on their findings, the Switch 2 could potentially run graphically demanding games like Death Stranding at 1080p and 35 frames per second.

While the predictions and insights provided by former Nintendo employees and industry analysts are intriguing, it’s essential to remember that Nintendo has not officially announced a Switch successor yet. The future of Nintendo’s console remains shrouded in speculation and anticipation. Until then, fans and gamers alike can only wait and hope for an official confirmation from the gaming giant.


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