The Nvidia RTX 4090D: A Unique Graphics Card Designed for China

Nvidia, a leading chipmaker in the technology industry, is launching a new graphics card specifically for the Chinese market, known as the RTX 4090D. This move by Nvidia is in response to the tightening export controls imposed by the United States government on high-end chips shipped to China. The RTX 4090D is designed to comply with these restrictions while still providing users with a powerful GPU option.

Specifications and Differences

Compared to its counterpart, the flagship RTX 4090, the RTX 4090D offers slightly lower performance. It has fewer CUDA cores, with a total of 14,592 compared to the RTX 4090’s 16,384. Additionally, the RTX 4090D has a slightly lower power draw, consuming 425W compared to the RTX 4090’s 450W. According to Nvidia spokesperson Benjamin Berraondo, the RTX 4090D is approximately 5% slower in gaming and creating. Despite these differences, most of the other specifications between the two versions remain the same.

Nvidia developed the GeForce RTX 4090D with the intention of fully complying with the U.S. government’s export controls. During the development process of the chip, Nvidia extensively engaged with the U.S. government to ensure adherence to these regulations. This compliance is crucial to Nvidia’s ability to continue operating in China and providing users with a graphics card that meets their needs.

The release of the RTX 4090D in China, scheduled for January, aims to address the increasing demand for powerful graphics cards in the country. This demand has even led to reports of some Chinese factories dismantling and repurposing the banned RTX 4090 for AI applications. By offering the RTX 4090D to the Chinese market, Nvidia hopes to meet the needs of consumers while remaining in compliance with export regulations.

The RTX 4090D will be available for purchase in China at a starting price of ¥12,999 (~$1,836 USD). This price point positions the RTX 4090D as a viable option for consumers seeking a powerful graphics card at a more affordable price compared to the flagship RTX 4090. Nvidia’s pricing strategy takes into account the local market conditions and aims to make the RTX 4090D accessible to a wide range of users.

As the streaming wars, consumer tech, and crypto industries continue to evolve, the demand for high-performance graphics cards in China is expected to persist. Nvidia’s introduction of the RTX 4090D is a strategic move to navigate the challenges posed by export controls while still providing users in China with a powerful GPU option. The success and reception of the RTX 4090D will likely influence Nvidia’s future product offerings for the Chinese market.

The Nvidia RTX 4090D serves as a unique graphics card designed specifically to comply with U.S. export controls and cater to the growing demand for powerful GPUs in China. With its slightly reduced performance compared to the flagship RTX 4090, the RTX 4090D offers a more affordable option for consumers in the Chinese market. Nvidia’s strategic approach to meeting export regulations while still addressing market demand showcases their commitment to providing innovative solutions to users around the world.


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