The PlayStation 5 Update: Blocking Cheaters or Accidental Disruption?

The latest PlayStation 5 update seems to have caused a stir among gamers. Players have discovered that the update blocks the use of a “controller emulator” called the Cronus Zen. This emulator has been used by some players to cheat at games, which may explain the decision to block it. While the update appears to be an attempt to combat cheating, it is unclear whether this was an intentional move or an accidental disruption caused by the update.

According to a notice posted on Cronus’ website, the Zen will no longer be able to connect to the PlayStation 5 following the 24.01-08.60.00 update. The company suggests that players can choose to skip the update and continue using the device without any issues. However, examining the update notes, there is no mention of any specific anti-cheating measures being implemented. This raises the question of whether the disabling of the device was an unintended consequence or a deliberate action on Sony’s part.

Although this may seem like a story solely about console gaming, it’s worth noting that the Cronus Zen also works on PC, despite not being officially supported. The company even provides a setup guide for PC users. The device has some legitimate uses, such as allowing players to connect non-supported controllers or use a mouse and keyboard on a console. However, it’s the device’s ability to “amplify your game” through its script engine that has caused controversy.

Among the Zen’s features are the ability to reduce recoil from gunfire, enable aim-assist functions on mouse and keyboard setups, and make other adjustments that can provide players with in-game advantages. These capabilities have sparked backlash from the gaming community. A search on YouTube reveals numerous videos discussing the device, ranging from tutorials on how to use it to enraged rants about its unfair advantages. The discussions, however, are not always conducted in a civil manner.

This is not the first time companies have taken action against the use of devices like the Zen to gain an unfair advantage. Developers behind popular shooters like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone have already implemented measures to disable and detect third-party hardware devices that could be used for cheating. While the Cronus Zen may have legitimate uses, it is difficult to sympathize with gamers who have abused its capabilities to rise to the top of leaderboards, only to have their cheating thwarted by the update.

The response from the gaming community to the blocking of the Cronus Zen has been mixed. On one hand, there is a sense of justice and satisfaction that cheaters are being dealt with. On the other hand, some argue that the blocking of such devices may inadvertently punish players with legitimate uses for the Zen. Additionally, the lack of transparency from Sony regarding the blocking of the device raises questions about their motives and intentions.

The latest PlayStation 5 update appears to have blocked the use of the Cronus Zen controller emulator. Whether this was an intentional move to combat cheating or an accidental disruption caused by the update remains uncertain. The device has garnered controversy due to its ability to provide in-game advantages, and previous crackdowns on similar devices by other game developers have set a precedent. While opinions on the blocking of the Zen may vary among gamers, it is clear that cheating in multiplayer games remains a contentious issue.


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