The Possibility of a Horizon MMO Skipping PS5 Raises Eyebrows

The gaming community is abuzz with fresh rumors surrounding the Horizon MMO, and the most surprising aspect is that it may bypass the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 (PS5) console. While there has been no official confirmation of a Horizon MMO in the works, speculations have been rampant since 2022 about a collaboration between Sony and NCSoft for this project. While limited information is available, largely from job listings and insider reports, there appears to be enough smoke to suggest that there might be a fire.

Recent rumors gained traction after a Twitter user named Kurakasis shared notable details about the MMO. These details included an NCSoft recruitment advertisement which, when translated using Google Translate, revealed that the company is collaborating on a “next-generation open-world PC/mobile MMORPG through collaboration with famous overseas IP.” This statement understandably raises concerns among fans, as it implies that the long-anticipated Horizon game might be available exclusively on PC and mobile platforms.

Unsurprisingly, the news has been met with a wave of disappointment and doubt from the gaming community. One Reddit user expressed their concern by saying, “An MMO based on a game that originally came out only on PS but isn’t getting a PS release but instead mobile. Red flags ahoy.” Others echoed this sentiment, with one user stating, “Yaaaa, PC and Mobile are never a good sign for an MMO. Also, NCSoft, not a good sign there either with their output and monetization/P2W history.” Similarly, the reactions on Twitter have not been any kinder.

Despite the initial backlash, Kurakasis quickly points out that the lack of current development for a PS5 version does not entirely rule out the possibility of the Horizon MMO appearing on the console at a later stage. However, the mere suggestion that a game based on one of PlayStation’s biggest properties might not be available on their flagship console is enough to baffle fans. However, this move could align with Sony’s recent focus on expanding into the PC and mobile markets, potentially drawing non-PlayStation fans into the captivating world of Aloy’s adventures.

While the rumor mill churns, fans of the Horizon series can only wait with bated breath for official confirmation or denial from Sony or NCSoft. Until then, speculation and uncertainty will continue to surround the Horizon MMO, leaving fans puzzled and curious about the future of this highly anticipated game.


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