The Potential of a Microsoft Xbox Handheld

Microsoft’s Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, has been teasing the possibility of an Xbox handheld for quite some time now. His recent comments in an interview with IGN have sparked even more speculation about the potential release of a handheld gaming device by Microsoft.

In the interview with IGN, Spencer expressed his enthusiasm for handheld gaming devices by stating, “I think we should have a handheld, too.” This statement serves as the strongest indication yet that Microsoft may be working on an Xbox handheld, a concept that has been circulating in the tech industry for a while now.

Spencer’s comments suggest that Microsoft’s focus on hardware development is progressing well. He hinted at the team’s work on exploring different form factors and gaming experiences, indicating that a handheld device could be in the works. Additionally, Spencer’s preference for playing games locally on devices like the ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, and Steam Deck hints at a standalone gaming experience on the prospective Xbox handheld.

It is speculated that the potential Xbox handheld from Microsoft could be Windows-based, allowing it to run Xbox games and incorporate the complete Xbox dashboard. This integration of Xbox and Windows would offer users the flexibility to switch between Xbox games and other platforms like Steam games seamlessly. The merging of these ecosystems would require a unique approach from Microsoft but could potentially revolutionize the handheld gaming market.

A concept discussed in a previous article is the idea of a Windows-based Xbox handheld that resembles the interface of an Xbox console. This approach would provide users with a familiar gaming experience while also granting access to a wide range of games from various platforms. By keeping the core of the device Windows-based but presenting it as an Xbox console, Microsoft could cater to different types of gamers and create a versatile gaming device.

As Microsoft continues to innovate in the gaming industry, the introduction of an Xbox handheld could be a significant step towards expanding its gaming ecosystem. Spencer’s hints and comments indicate that the company is exploring new avenues in hardware development, with a potential focus on handheld devices. The integration of Xbox and Windows on a handheld device could redefine portable gaming experiences and offer a unique proposition to gamers. Watch this space for more updates on Microsoft’s potential entry into the handheld gaming market.


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