The Resurgence of Monster In My Pocket: A New Live-Action Series in the Making

In an exciting collaboration, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Westbrook Studios, in partnership with Altar Rock Pictures, are breathing new life into the iconic 1989 toy brand, Monster In My Pocket. This beloved collectible toy line, which features over 200 pocket-sized monsters inspired by global myths and legends, is set to be adapted into a live-action series. With Deadline being the first to report this exciting news, it’s clear that the producers have ambitious plans for the franchise.

Monster In My Pocket, founded by former Mattel executives Joe Morrison and John Weems, has had considerable success since its launch. Although it may primarily resonate with ’90s kids, the brand has sold over 500 million units globally. The popularity of the franchise has transcended the realm of toys, branching out into various formats such as a 1992 ABC animated TV special, comic books, and even a Nintendo game.

The project is in capable hands, with Terence Carter and David Boorstein of Westbrook Studios and Barbara Goldner and Josh Feldman of Altar Rock Pictures serving as executive producers. Alongside them are Joe Morrison and Maggie Morrison, representing Morrison Entertainment Group. This collaboration of talent brings together industry expertise and creative vision to ensure the success of the live-action series.

David Boorstein, SVP and head of Scripted TV at Westbrook Studios, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, acknowledging Monster In My Pocket’s significant impact on our culture. The producers are excited to delve into the captivating legends surrounding these beloved characters. With their sights set on engaging a new generation of viewers, the team is currently in discussions with writers to create a series that resonates with today’s audiences.

While the resurgence of Monster In My Pocket is thrilling, it is not the only nostalgic franchise making a comeback. In 2021, Garbage Pail Kids, the ’80s sticker trading cards famous for parodying the popular Cabbage Patch Kids, were reportedly being considered for an animated series revival at Max. Notably, actor Danny McBride of The Righteous Gemstones and Eastbound & Down fame, together with his production company Rough House Pictures, is collaborating with collectibles manufacturer Topps and former Disney CEO Michael Eisner’s Tornante on the planned show.

With Monster In My Pocket poised for its live-action series adaptation, fans and new viewers alike have much to anticipate. As the producers strive to captivate today’s audience with the rich mythology of these legendary monsters, there is no doubt that the franchise will continue to leave its mark on popular culture. Whether it’s reliving childhood memories or discovering the brand for the first time, the resurgence of Monster In My Pocket promises an exciting journey into a world where imagination takes form in the palm of your hand.


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