The Rise and Fall of Facebook News: A Critical Analysis

In a surprising turn of events, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced the deprecation of Facebook News in the US and Australia by April 2024. This decision marks the end of an era for the news tab, which was launched in 2019 amid much fanfare and millions of dollars in content deals for publishers. The move to terminate Facebook News raises questions about the future of news consumption on social media platforms and the impact on journalism.

Facebook’s decision to deprecate Facebook News comes as no surprise, given its previous retreats from news initiatives such as Instant Articles. The company’s shift in focus to the Creator economy and the departure of key executives like Campbell Brown also foreshadowed this move. While Facebook initially positioned Facebook News as a way to support journalism and strengthen democracy, Meta’s new message stresses that news content accounts for less than 3 percent of users’ feeds and is a minor part of the Facebook experience for most people.

The termination of Facebook News has significant implications for publishers who relied on the platform for traffic and revenue. The end of licensing deals means that publishers will no longer receive payments from Meta, forcing them to find alternative ways to drive traffic to their websites. In Australia, the removal of $70 million per year in payments to major outlets like Sky News Australia, News Corp, and The Guardian signals a major loss for the media industry. These developments come after a power struggle between the Australian government and Facebook, which resulted in a temporary news ban and amendments to the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code.

As Facebook moves away from news content, the future of news consumption on social media platforms remains uncertain. Meta’s decision to focus on short-form video and user preferences raises questions about the role of traditional journalism in the digital age. Publishers now face the challenge of adapting to a changing media landscape and finding new ways to engage audiences outside of social media platforms. The fallout from the termination of Facebook News serves as a cautionary tale for publishers and highlights the need for diversification in the digital publishing industry.

Facebook’s decision to deprecate Facebook News marks the end of a chapter in the company’s efforts to support journalism and democratize news consumption. The move raises important questions about the future of news on social media platforms and the impact on publishers. As the media industry grapples with these changes, it is essential for publishers to adapt to a rapidly evolving digital landscape and explore new avenues for content distribution. The rise and fall of Facebook News serve as a critical reminder of the challenges and opportunities facing the journalism industry in the digital age.


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