The Rise of Capes: A New Hero on the Horizon for Switch

Marvel’s Midnight Suns may have been a distant memory for Nintendo Switch fans after its cancellation, but fear not, a new hero is set to make its mark on the superhero turn-based genre. Capes is set to grace the Switch this May, bringing with it a new take on the XCOM-meets-superheroes mash-up. While it may not have the star power of Spider-Man or Wolverine, Capes promises to deliver a unique experience filled with heroics and tactical battles.

Developed by Spitfire Interactive and published by Daedalic Entertainment, Capes invites players to assemble a team of heroic protectors, each with their own set of skills and powers. The game emphasizes mastering each hero’s abilities and unleashing devastating ultimate attacks to overcome challenges. With a focus on strategic combat, Capes encourages players to utilize Team Up abilities effectively to secure victory.

Leveling up plays a crucial role in Capes, as completing missions and side-quests allows players to upgrade their heroes with new abilities and powerful enhancements. The game promises thrilling encounters with vile villains and criminal henchmen, challenging players to save the city from the clutches of evil. While the visuals may not be the flashiest, the unique character designs, such as Rebound, hint at an engaging and entertaining experience.

As the release date for Capes draws near, fans can expect more details to be unveiled in the coming weeks. The anticipation is building as players eagerly await the opportunity to dive into the world of Capes and test their mettle against formidable foes. With a promise of a secure release date on the horizon, the excitement surrounding Capes is palpable.

Final Thoughts

For fans of turn-based tactics and superhero adventures, Capes presents a promising addition to the Nintendo Switch library. While it may not have the star power of other superhero titles, Capes offers a unique gameplay experience that is sure to captivate players looking for a new challenge. As the release date approaches, all eyes are on Capes to deliver an engaging and memorable adventure. Will you answer the call of heroism and embark on this thrilling journey? Only time will tell.


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