The Rise of Smart Rings: Challenging Oura’s Dominance

In recent years, smart rings have emerged as a promising form factor in the wearable tech industry. With their discreet and comfortable design, they offer an alternative to smartwatches for tracking sleep, heart rate, and other health metrics. However, due to their small size and flexible components, creating a stylish and feature-rich smart ring has proven to be a challenge. Despite these obstacles, the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcased several working prototypes and products that may soon rival the dominant Oura Ring. This article will explore some of the most compelling smart rings on display at CES and discuss how their features and advancements could disrupt the market.

Among the smart rings showcased at CES, Movano’s Evie Ring stood out as a noteworthy competitor to the Oura Ring. Priced at $269, the Evie Ring is designed to be a women-first wearable, although the company emphasizes that anyone can wear it. With its simplified app and health tracking capabilities such as blood oxygen, heart rate, activity, and menstrual cycle monitoring, the Evie Ring aims to provide users with contextualized data and eventually incorporate AI-powered insights. Additionally, Movano has taken the extra step of seeking FDA clearance for the device to assure customers of the accuracy of its sensors. The Evie Ring’s elegant design, featuring a flexible structure to accommodate finger swelling, closely resembles the features offered by the Oura Ring.

The Amazfit Helio Ring is another smart ring that aims to challenge Oura’s dominance with its focus on athlete recovery. Similar to the Oura Ring, the Helio Ring provides a daily readiness score and pairs seamlessly with other Amazfit smartwatches. Athletes can wear the smartwatch during the day and rely on the Helio Ring for sleep tracking at night. Additionally, the Helio Ring incorporates an EDA sensor for monitoring stress levels and offers access to an AI chatbot. Amazfit is known for its impressive budget wearables, and it is expected that the Helio Ring will be competitively priced upon its release in the spring.

Aside from the Evie Ring and the Helio Ring, CES also showcased other smart rings catering to specific needs. For instance, the Zikr Ring is designed for Muslims, providing five daily prayer reminders and a digital tasbih counter. Another notable mention is the RingConn, which offers similar features to the Oura Ring at a slightly more affordable price, although it comes from a relatively less established company. These niche smart rings reflect the growing diversity within the market and the willingness of companies to cater to specific user requirements.

The significant presence of smart rings at CES reaffirmed the growing momentum in this space. While smart rings never completely disappeared from the market, the abundance of innovative products on display demonstrated that the industry is evolving rapidly. It is only a matter of time before a smart ring emerges as a serious contender to challenge Oura’s dominance. This competition is not about besting the Oura Ring; rather, it signifies the need for progress and innovation within the smart ring industry. The prolonged silence in this sector calls for a catalyst that can drive it forward.

As the wearable tech industry continues to evolve, smart rings are carving a niche for themselves as discreet and comfortable alternatives to smartwatches. The CES 2022 showcased several smart rings poised to challenge the market dominance of the Oura Ring. Movano’s Evie Ring, with its elegant design and health tracking capabilities, offers a promising competitor to the Oura Ring. Similarly, the Amazfit Helio Ring targets athletes with its recovery-focused features and compatibility with smartwatches. CES also featured niche options like the Zikr Ring and the RingConn, which cater to specific user needs. The fervor and innovation witnessed at CES indicate that the smart ring market is gaining traction and progressing toward meaningful competition. The emergence of viable competitors will not only redefine the smart ring landscape but also drive the industry forward, pushing for further advancements and improved user experiences.


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