The Rising Tide: Final Fantasy 16’s Exciting New DLC

The highly anticipated final DLC for Final Fantasy 16, titled The Rising Tide, is set to launch on PS5 on April 18. This new expansion takes players on an exciting prequel adventure before the conclusion of the main game, introducing new characters, locations, and challenges.

The Rising Tide DLC begins with Clive and his companions receiving an urgent letter at their hideaway, informing them that the Dominant of Leviathan, the long-lost Eikon of Water, is in desperate need of rescue. This leads them to Mysidia, a mysterious new location described as “a hidden land under a blue sky where they will uncover the tragic history of a forgotten people.”

In Mysidia, players will encounter new side quests that delve into the region’s lore and inhabitants. Additionally, they will face new threats, including a revamped version of the iconic tonberries, now described as even “creepier.” These enemies can be found in a desolate city known as the Aire of Hours, where the sound of sharpening knives fills the silence.

The Rising Tide DLC introduces new gameplay mechanics, such as granting Clive the abilities of the Eikon of Water. This allows him to wield the power of the sea to defeat enemies up close and at range. Players can also look forward to the new Serpent’s Cry Eikonic Feat, which summons a powerful sea-spitting serpent for long-range attacks. The level cap has also been increased to provide a greater challenge and rewards in different game modes.

After completing The Rising Tide and the main game, players will gain access to Kairos Gate, a survival mode where they must battle through 20 wave-based stages in the underworld. This mode offers valuable loot, including new materials and weapons, as well as a global leaderboard to showcase their skills as a Bearer.

Final Fantasy 16’s The Rising Tide DLC promises an exhilarating new chapter in Clive’s journey, filled with intricate storytelling, exciting gameplay enhancements, and challenging new content. Fans of the series can look forward to diving into this final expansion and uncovering the secrets hidden within Mysidia and beyond.


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