The Rough Launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection

The recent launch of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was marred by a disastrous lack of servers, with only three 64-player servers available to cater to nearly 10,000 eager players. This resulted in a frustrating experience for many players who were met with frequent crashes, issues with player spawning, and difficulties joining teams. As a consequence, Steam reviews for the game are trending Mostly Negative, with widespread reports of product refunds and player dissatisfaction.

In light of the community backlash, Aspyr has released an official statement acknowledging the problems with Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection. The company expressed gratitude for the support and feedback received from players but admitted to critical errors with their network infrastructure that resulted in high ping, matchmaking errors, crashes, and servers not appearing in the browser. Aspyr reassured players that they are actively working on fixes to improve network stability and prevent further outages.

Aspyr has encouraged players to report bugs, errors, and unexpected behavior to their support team in the hopes of restoring stability to Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection and winning back support from fans. Recent updates from Steam suggest that early fixes are having the desired effect, with new servers becoming available for each game in the collection. While some issues such as bugs and crashes remain unresolved, the company is diligently working to address them in the coming weeks.

Despite the rocky start to its launch, there is optimism that the situation surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection is slowly being rectified. Players who were initially disappointed by the lack of servers and technical issues may find solace in the ongoing efforts to improve the game’s performance and overall player experience. It is important to stay tuned for updates and upcoming patches that aim to address the remaining issues and ensure a smoother gameplay experience for all fans of the Battlefront series.


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