The Security Breach in Apex Legends Global Series

The recent events in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) have raised serious concerns after two players were hacked mid-game over the weekend. The incident occurred during the North American regional finals, shaking the integrity of the competition.

Ironically, it appears that Apex’s anti-cheat software may have played a role in enabling the hacks. DarkZero’s GenBurten and TSM’s ImperialHal both experienced unauthorized advantages during the matches. GenBurten gained the ability to see enemy players through walls, while ImperialHal found himself unintentionally aimbotting.

The reactions of the players, captured in live streams, reveal their shock and disbelief at the situation. ImperialHal, upon realizing his unintentional aimbot, exclaimed in disbelief, “I’m cheating! I’m cheating! I’m cheating!” On the other hand, GenBurten was startled by the appearance of a message scrolling across his screen, stating “Apex hacking global series by Destroyer2009 & R4ndom.”

In response to the security breach, the Anti-Cheat Police Department, an independent organization focused on combating cheating in gaming, advised players to take immediate precautions. They recommended changing account passwords, reinstalling operating systems, and implementing other security measures to protect personal information.

Due to the compromised competitive integrity of the series, the decision was made to postpone the North American regional finals. Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment also acknowledged the incident and pledged to provide more information in the near future.

The hacking incident during the ALGS regional finals has not only disrupted the fair play of the competition but has also highlighted vulnerabilities in Apex Legends’ anti-cheat software. As the community awaits further updates and resolutions, the focus remains on ensuring the security and integrity of competitive gaming environments.


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