The Showtime Brand Bids Farewell: Paramount+ Takes the Stage

Paramount Global has made a bold move by bidding farewell to the well-established Showtime brand. The company has repositioned its linear Showtime cable network as Paramount+. While the rebranding decision raises eyebrows with its unusual name, it signifies a major shift towards a new platform that seamlessly integrates streaming and linear content. This transition will be effective from January 8, 2024.

With the rebranding, Showtime subscribers will now have access to original content from Paramount+. Popular series like Sexy Beast and the highly-anticipated second season of the video game adaptation Halo will be available to Showtime subscribers, along with additional Paramount+ content.

However, the transition may introduce some confusion for existing subscribers. Regular Showtime channel subscribers won’t automatically receive access to the Paramount+ with Showtime streaming plan. Instead, cable subscribers will have to access content online through authenticated streaming apps provided by pay-TV partners. This reflects Paramount Global’s agreements with specific pay-TV providers. This arrangement may cause uncertainties for subscribers, especially if they are used to the convenience of the standalone Showtime streaming app.

The rebranding also marks the gradual discontinuation of the standalone Showtime streaming app. Paramount Global’s dedication to the Paramount+ with Showtime plan means that the standalone app will no longer be supported. The decision aligns with the company’s vision for a unified streaming experience.

The rebranded network, Paramount+ with Showtime, offers an exciting lineup of original series. Subscribers can look forward to shows like The Woman in the Wall, Fellow Travelers, The Chi, The Curse, Yellowjackets, and Your Honor. Paramount Global is committed to providing a diverse range of content that caters to different viewer preferences.

As the official launch date draws nearer, more information about the Paramount+ with Showtime transition will be communicated via Showtime’s linear channels. This additional information will likely bring clarity to the rollout process and address any lingering questions or concerns.

Paramount Global’s decision to rebrand the Showtime brand as Paramount+ with Showtime is a significant move in the evolving entertainment landscape. The integration of streaming and linear content within a single platform aims to provide subscribers with a more accessible and comprehensive viewing experience. While the rebranding may introduce some uncertainties for existing subscribers, the promise of new and exclusive content from Paramount+ offers an exciting opportunity for fans of the network. As the launch date approaches, eager viewers can expect more information to be shared, shedding light on the intricacies of the transition and ensuring a smoother experience for all involved.


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