The Strange World of Doom: From Smart Toothbrushes to Robotic Lawnmowers

In the world of technology and gaming, there seems to be no limit to the creativity and innovation that takes place. One such example is the recent development of a WiFi-enabled ‘smart toothbrush’ that is capable of running the iconic game Doom. Aaron Christophel, a tech enthusiast known for his love of custom firmware, successfully managed to run Doom on a Planck Mini toothbrush. This toothbrush, designed for children, features a small LCD screen that typically displays brushing performance and weather reports.

Technical Breakdown

Christophel revealed that the toothbrush contains an ESP32-C3 chip with 4MB Flash, which is just enough to accommodate the Doom codebase and WAD file. By utilizing a simplified asset pack called Miniwad, Christophel was able to compress the game to fit within the limited storage space of the toothbrush. As a result, the visuals of the game may appear distorted due to the constraints of the hardware, but the sheer novelty of running Doom on a toothbrush is worth the compromise.

For those daring enough to attempt running Doom on their toothbrushes, Christophel has made the custom firmware code available for installation. Additionally, he provided a demonstration video showcasing the toothbrush running Doom in fullscreen mode. While it may require some technical skills and patience to execute the installation process, the idea of playing Doom while maintaining oral hygiene adds a quirky twist to daily routines. Remember, a happy, healthy mouth may just be a few Doom sessions away.

The concept of running Doom on unconventional devices is not limited to toothbrushes. Christophel also managed to port the game onto a 3D-printed Christmas tree decoration, which can be played using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The sheer ingenuity behind these projects highlights the dedication of tech enthusiasts to push the boundaries of what is possible with existing hardware. From toothbrushes to Christmas ornaments, Doom continues to find its way into unexpected gadgets, much to the delight of gaming enthusiasts.

In a surprising turn of events, the robotics company Husqvarna announced their plans to integrate Doom into some of their lawnmower models. This collaboration between a traditional household tool and a classic video game demonstrates the versatility of gaming technology in various industries. While the practicality of playing Doom on a lawnmower may be questionable, the sheer novelty and creativity of such a partnership are undeniable.

The world of gaming continues to evolve in unexpected ways, with tech enthusiasts finding new and innovative ways to bring classic games to unconventional devices. From smart toothbrushes to robotic lawnmowers, the integration of Doom into everyday objects showcases the limitless possibilities of technology and human imagination. As we look ahead to the future, who knows what other surprising collaborations and inventions await in the realm of gaming and technology.


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