The Strategy to Defeat Galerius in Unicorn Overlord

The battle against Galerius, the main antagonist in Unicorn Overlord, poses a significant challenge to players due to his unique abilities and high resistance to physical attacks. With level 10 and over 150 HP, Galerius has the power to knock every member of the attacking unit down to 1 HP with one of his abilities. Additionally, he is highly resistant to physical attacks, limiting the damage dealt by most attackers to 15 or less. Furthermore, Galerius is protected by armor that negates the first two attacks he receives and is accompanied by two other knights in a garrison, who respawn whenever the garrison completes a heal.

Assembling the Right Units

To effectively combat Galerius, players need to carefully plan their unit composition and strategy. The first unit required for this battle consists of a thief and a magic-wielding fighter, such as the Witch and Shaman. While the thief is already part of the squad prior to the fight, players need to find the Witch in the swamps in the southwest part of Cornia in Lebouge Hamlet and the Shaman in the southeast near Fort Lonteria. The thief should be positioned on the front line to utilize their Evade ability, allowing them to dodge at least one attack and deliver a double attack to bypass Galerius’ defensive buffs. Magic wielders should be placed on the backline to avoid being targeted by enemies.

The second unit in the player’s lineup should consist of high damage dealers capable of taking down the two extra knights accompanying Galerius. As players advance towards Galerius, they can adapt their unit positioning based on the battle’s progression. When engaging Galerius, players should first eliminate the additional knights before sending in the thief-led unit to attack. While the thief-led unit may initially appear to lose the fight due to the health reduction caused by Galerius’ ability, players can continue the battle by swapping in another unit to initiate combat with Galerius. This strategy may require multiple attempts depending on the level of magic users in the player’s team. If the two knights are revived during the battle, players should switch to a different unit to maintain control of the battlefield.

Once the thief-led unit is reduced to 1 HP, players should ensure that no damage will be inflicted on them before starting the next round of combat. If the thief-led unit is at risk, players should send in another unit to maintain the pressure on Galerius. By carefully coordinating their units and adapting their strategy during the battle, players can overcome the formidable challenge posed by Galerius in Unicorn Overlord.


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