The Struggles of The Finals Developer Embark Studios in Banning Cheaters

The developer of The Finals, Embark Studios, has been facing difficulties in effectively banning cheaters from the game. Community lead Dusty Gustafsson recently addressed the issue on The Finals Discord server, stating that they had been experiencing a technical problem that prevented them from efficiently taking action against cheaters. However, Gustafsson holds some hope as they are nearing a solution to this bug and have already begun implementing measures to combat cheaters once again. The team acknowledges and appreciates the patience of the players as they work to resolve these issues and maintain a smooth, safe, and fair gaming environment. Despite the challenges, their commitment to ensuring a cheater-free experience for players remains unwavering.

The specific details of this bug have not been disclosed, most likely to prevent cheaters from gaining any advantage from the information. This veil of secrecy may frustrate some players who are eager to understand the full extent of the issue. It is indeed intriguing, albeit from an outside perspective, to think that cheaters may have inadvertently benefited from a bug in the system. The developer’s decision to withhold information may be seen as a logical move, considering the potential ramifications of exposing such vulnerabilities.

Recent reports indicate a significant increase in cheating within The Finals, with many alleged cheaters believed to be from China, based on their usernames. The rise in cheating incidents has put the game’s Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) system under scrutiny. While players have expressed dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of EAC, Gustafsson clarified that it is not the sole defense mechanism against cheaters. Embark Studios has implemented multiple layers of anti-cheat measures to combat cheating within the game. However, the team acknowledges that they have been facing challenges, which have caused a considerable amount of frustration for both the developers and the players. Gustafsson expressed hope that players’ experience will improve with time, reassuring them that the team is constantly working to fine-tune their systems and overcome these hurdles. Despite the setbacks, he remains confident in the abilities of the team to address and resolve these issues.

In addition to combatting cheaters, Embark Studios is also grappling with matchmaking difficulties. This aspect of the game has been particularly challenging for the team, possibly exacerbating the overall frustration among players. While the statement from Gustafsson did not delve into the specifics of these matchmaking problems, it is evident that the studio is tackling multiple issues simultaneously, with the aim of providing an enjoyable experience for players.

Embark Studios has been confronted with several obstacles in their fight against cheaters within The Finals. Despite these challenges, the team remains dedicated to creating a fair and secure gaming environment for the players. With a solution to the technical hitch on the horizon and ongoing efforts to fine-tune their anti-cheat measures, the tide may be turning against cheaters. However, only time will tell if Embark Studios can successfully curb cheating and provide an optimal gaming experience for their dedicated player base.


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