The Troubled Development of Overwatch 2’s Story Missions

The former Overwatch 2 developers have disclosed some troubling information regarding the release of story missions for the game. Initially, the plan was to roll out story missions every 18 months to keep players engaged with the game’s expansive co-op PVE element. Unfortunately, this plan has not materialized as expected, with the development team expressing doubts about the future of these missions.

According to the anonymous former developers interviewed by Kotaku, working on the story content for Overwatch 2 was not a smooth process. Each story mission was at a different stage of development, with some being fully playable while others were still in the conceptual phase. Blizzard’s goal was to release three story-based missions every 18 months, but the reality has been far from ideal.

The three story-based missions released in August 2023 did not meet Blizzard’s expectations in terms of player engagement and reception. This underperformance, coupled with layoffs in January, has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the future of Overwatch 2’s story missions. Most of the employees laid off were reportedly working on the game’s story and PvE elements, indicating a shift in priorities within the development team.

The concept of ‘Blizzard Quality’ has been cited as a major hindrance to the timely release of Overwatch 2’s story missions. The pursuit of perfection by leadership and game directors has led to endless revisions and delays in the development process. This obsession with quality over efficiency has cost the game precious time and resources, ultimately affecting the overall gaming experience for players.

Gameplay Adaptation Challenges

Adapting Overwatch’s PvP-oriented hero kits to suit a PvE gameplay style proved to be a significant challenge for the development team. The competitive aspect of the game was prioritized from the beginning, diverting attention and resources away from the story missions. The conflicting priorities and technical difficulties have further complicated the development process, raising concerns about the viability of future story content.

While the former developers’ accounts paint a grim picture of Overwatch 2’s story mission development, there is still a glimmer of hope for fans of the game. It remains to be seen whether Blizzard will address the issues within the development team and provide clarity on the future of the story missions. Until then, players will have to wait for official word from Blizzard to determine the fate of Overwatch 2’s story content in the multiplayer shooter landscape.


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