The Truth Behind All-In-One Liquid Cooler Specs

Upon delving into the inner workings of six different 120mm liquid coolers, Igor’s Lab uncovered some startling discrepancies between the manufacturer’s advertised specifications and the actual materials used. Specifically, out of the six coolers tested, two were found to contain copper/zinc alloy or brass in place of the copper parts that were claimed by the manufacturers.

Copper is widely known in the industry for its superior thermal conductivity, boasting a rating of approximately 401 W·m⁻¹·K⁻¹, significantly higher than that of aluminum at around 237. Manufacturers often tout coolers with full or part copper construction due to the material’s ability to efficiently transfer heat away from the components being cooled.

The Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 and Aqua Computer Airplex emerged unscathed from Igor’s Lab testing, as they lived up to their claims of using copper and aluminum, respectively. However, the Bykski CR-RD120RC-TN-V2 and EKWB Quantum Surface P120M were found to have discrepancies in their advertised materials composition. The former used a considerable amount of brass instead of pure copper, and the latter, while technically an alloy, caused confusion among customers due to misleading labeling.

Bykski has since acknowledged the findings of the investigation and taken steps to rectify the situation by discontinuing the batch of coolers that exhibited the incorrect materials. On the other hand, the Watercool Heatkiller Rad 120-S faced scrutiny for falsely advertising copper channels while using brass in their place. The company has updated its website to reflect the accurate materials used in their product.

Igor’s Lab views these discrepancies as a result of complacency rather than intentional deception by the manufacturers. The importance of continuous monitoring and transparency in product specifications is emphasized to prevent such issues from arising in the future. While some companies have taken actions to address the inaccuracies in their cooling products, it is evident that vigilant oversight is necessary to uphold consumer trust in the industry.

The investigation conducted by Igor’s Lab sheds light on the reality of all-in-one liquid cooler specifications and highlights the need for transparency and accuracy in product advertising. Consumers are urged to scrutinize product materials and specifications to ensure they are getting what they pay for. Ultimately, the industry must strive for accountability and integrity to maintain consumer confidence in the ever-evolving world of cooling technology.


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