The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Black Friday Gaming Laptop Deals

Finding the perfect Black Friday gaming laptop deal can be a daunting task. With the ever-changing prices and specifications in the portable gaming market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Retailers often inflate prices to get rid of older, less relevant gear, making it difficult to determine what constitutes a genuine bargain. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of what to expect during the Black Friday deals season and offer valuable tips to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Black Friday kicks off on November 24th this year, with discounts running throughout November, the big weekend, and into the following week, including Cyber Monday and Cyber Week. While you can expect to find solid discounts on the latest gaming laptops, it’s important to be cautious of retailers trying to sell older models at inflated prices. To avoid falling into this trap, it’s crucial to know how to differentiate between a genuine bargain and a subpar deal.

Identifying Genuine Discounts

One common mistake is assuming that a large discount automatically equates to a great deal. Some retailers artificially raise prices before applying discounts, making the reduced price seem more attractive. To prevent falling into this trap, use tools like camelcamelcamel, a browser extension that allows you to track prices on platforms like Amazon. This tool provides you with historical price data, helping you determine whether a discount is genuine or misleading.

When selecting a gaming laptop, it’s essential to take a holistic approach and consider the overall value for your money. Instead of fixating on one specific aspect, examine the broader picture. The configuration options for gaming laptops are relatively narrow compared to desktops, limiting your ability to customize or upgrade components. Therefore, it’s important to analyze the laptop’s specs as a whole rather than solely focusing on isolated features.

One crucial component impacting the price of a gaming laptop is the discrete graphics chip. For low-end gaming, you can expect to find laptops with RTX 4050 graphics chips under $1,000. However, you’re unlikely to find laptops with higher-tier graphics cards like the RTX 4090 or RTX 4080 within this price range. While laptops with higher-end RTX 30-series cards are worth considering, be aware that they do not support Nvidia’s Frame Generation feature in DLSS 3. To ensure future-proofing, avoid purchasing anything with graphics cards older than the RTX 30-series.

AMD Graphics Cards and CPUs

For those seeking laptops with AMD graphics cards, a Radeon RX 6700M is the minimum you should aim for. However, they can be harder to find compared to their Nvidia counterparts. Avoid paying too much for a laptop with one of the newer RX 7000M series as the performance gains over the previous generation are minimal. When it comes to CPUs, aim for nothing older than an AMD Ryzen 4000-series or a 10th Gen Intel CPU. Ideally, consider Ryzen 5000-series or 12th Gen Intel processors for optimal gaming performance.

When evaluating the laptop’s memory, it’s advisable to opt for a minimum of 16GB RAM unless you’re on a tight budget. Ensure that the laptop has two sticks of RAM rather than a single SODIMM, as this configuration significantly improves CPU performance. While memory can be upgraded, check the laptop’s upgrade potential and ease of access before making a purchase. In terms of storage, a 500GB or larger NVMe SSD is recommended, with a 1TB drive being a better long-term investment due to game sizes. Be cautious of laptops with soldered drives or limited upgrade options.

Affordable Price Range by Graphics Chip

To provide you with a rough guide on acceptable prices for gaming laptops, here’s an overview based on graphics chips for 1080p gaming:

– RTX 4050: ~$700
– RTX 4060: ~$1,000
– RTX 4070: ~$1,300
– RTX 4080: ~$1,700
– RX 6700M: ~$700
– RX 7600S: ~$1,000
– RX 6800M: ~$1,300

Keep in mind that these prices assume the inclusion of the recommended specifications mentioned earlier. Laptops with larger 17-inch 4K panels will naturally cost more, but for portable gaming, a 1440p resolution is sufficient.

As the Black Friday deals season approaches, there will undoubtedly be enticing offers on gaming laptops. By following the tips and insights provided in this guide, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the market and find the best deals. Remember to research prices, consider the holistic value of a laptop’s specifications, and prioritize components like the graphics chip, CPU, memory, and storage. With these strategies in mind, you’ll increase your chances of snagging the perfect gaming laptop at a fantastic price. Happy shopping!


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