The Unforgettable Steam Next Fest: A Recap of the Top 50 Most Played Games

February’s Steam Next Fest demo bonanza recently concluded, leaving behind a trail of excitement and anticipation in the gaming community. Among the multitude of games showcased during the event, one title managed to captivate the hearts of gamers worldwide. Dungeonborne, a PvPvE dungeon crawler with fantastical skeletal monsters, took the top spot as the most played game of the entire fest. This achievement is particularly noteworthy considering Dungeonborne was only officially announced at the end of January. With over 19K concurrent players during Next Fest playtest, this hidden gem soared from obscurity to become one of Steam’s most sought-after games in just two weeks. The developers, Mithril Interactive, expressed their gratitude in a Steam blog post, assuring players that their valuable insights and feedback will shape the game’s future development.

While Dungeonborne may have claimed the spotlight, the rest of the top 50 most played games during Steam Next Fest are equally deserving of praise. Here are a few notable mentions:

1. Stormgate: This title, often referred to as the spiritual successor to Starcraft, secured the second spot on the list. Its strategic gameplay and rich lore charmed players, leaving them eager for more.

2. Pacific Drive: A unique blend of first-person exploration and roguelike mechanics, Pacific Drive captured the attention of gamers looking for an adrenaline-pumping driving experience.

3. Homeworld 3: Despite experiencing a recent delay, the highly anticipated space epic Homeworld 3 still managed to capture the imaginations of space enthusiasts. Its immersive universe and captivating storytelling make it a game to watch out for.

4. Backpack Battles: Indie game lovers flocked to this autobattler, drawn in by its charming art style and engaging gameplay mechanics. Its inclusion in the top 50 is a testament to its quality and appeal.

5. Balatro and Millenia: Fans of roguelikes and turn-based strategy were delighted to see the inclusion of Balatro, a poker roguelike, and Millenia, Paradox’s rival to Sid Meier’s Civilization series. Both games demonstrated their unique twists on these popular genres, earning them well-deserved spots on the list.

6. Deviator: Those who fell in love with the atmospheric beauty of Hollow Knight found solace in Deviator. Its mesmerizing visuals and challenging gameplay struck a chord with players, landing it among the top ten most played games.

A Diverse and Impressive Lineup

The top 50 most played games of Steam Next Fest represent a diverse collection of genres and styles. From ambitious indie projects to highly anticipated sequels, this list showcases the immense talent and creativity within the gaming industry. The fact that several of these games were previously featured in recommendation lists and garnered attention in demo posts over the last few weeks is a testament to their standout qualities.

A Crime of Ignoring Beauty

However, amidst the celebration of the top 50, there is one game that deserves special mention. Until Then, a visually stunning game that seemingly went unnoticed, failed to make it to the list by a hair’s breadth. Its absence is a cause for disappointment, as it is a testament to the subjective nature of gaming preferences. Nevertheless, Until Then’s demo is still available, providing players with an opportunity to discover the beauty they missed during Next Fest.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about and yearning to experience the chart-toppers for yourself, fear not. Most of the demos showcased during Steam Next Fest are still available, allowing you to dive into the worlds that captured the hearts and imaginations of countless players. Don’t miss out on this chance to explore new adventures, challenge your skills, and support the talented developers behind these remarkable games.


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