The Unlikely Arrival of Baldur’s Gate 3 on PC Game Pass

If you’ve been eagerly waiting for Baldur’s Gate 3 to make its way onto PC Game Pass, I regret to inform you that your hopes may be in vain. According to Swen Vincke, the head of Larian Studios, it is highly unlikely that the critically acclaimed CRPG will ever be available on Microsoft’s subscription service. In an interview with IGN, Vincke revealed that the studio had always maintained their stance against the game being included in Game Pass.

Vincke’s reasoning behind this decision is quite sensible. He believes that the vast scope of Baldur’s Gate 3, which can easily consume dozens of hours of gameplay, justifies charging players the full price. Additionally, the absence of any planned DLC or expansions further emphasizes the studio’s commitment to delivering a complete experience without any additional financial burden on players. “We made a big game, so I think there’s a fair price to be paid for that,” Vincke explains. “We don’t charge you any micro-transactions on top of it, so you get what you pay for. Upfront it’s a big meaty game. So I think that should be able to exist as it is. This is what allows us to continue making other games.”

Accidentally leaked documents from the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger shed light on Microsoft’s estimate of $5 million to secure Baldur’s Gate 3 for Game Pass. Considering the game’s immense success and numerous accolades, this figure now seems like an absolute steal compared to the prices rumored for other less impressive titles such as Gotham Knights, Mortal Kombat 1, and Jedi: Survivor. Microsoft’s evaluation of Baldur’s Gate 3 as a “second-run Stadia PC RPG” also raised some eyebrows, although even Larian Studios themselves were uncertain about the game’s potential given the niche CRPG genre it belongs to. Fortunately, their gamble paid off tremendously.

The Frightening Success

Swen Vincke recently confessed that the success of Baldur’s Gate 3 “frightens us – but in a good way, I think.” The game has surpassed all expectations and has proven to be a worthwhile investment for players who have embraced the immersive world and complex gameplay it offers. If you haven’t already experienced the wonders of Baldur’s Gate 3, it is certainly a title that justifies its price of entry.

While the hopes of Baldur’s Gate 3 arriving on PC Game Pass may be dashed, it is important to acknowledge the reasoning behind Larian Studios’ decision. The scale and quality of the game deserve to be paid for, providing the necessary resources for the studio to continue creating remarkable experiences for players.


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