The Unstoppable Helldivers Brawler

In the world of Helldivers 2, where melee weapons are yet to be introduced, one player stands out with their relentless commitment to close combat. Despite the lack of traditional melee weapons, this democracy-spreader has taken it upon themselves to punch every bug and robot they encounter. With an impressive 116 melee kills solely through fistfights, the player known as JOEL on Reddit has made it clear that they will not rest until given a proper melee weapon.

The Reddit post showcasing JOEL’s post-mission stats has sparked a discussion among players, with many expressing a desire for melee weapons to be added to the game. Some have even reminisced about the Energized Cavalry Saber from the original Helldivers, a weapon that seems to have left a lasting impression on the community. The mention of off-brand lightsabers and tanks from the first game brings a sense of nostalgia and anticipation for what new weapons and vehicles may be introduced in Helldivers 2.

Players have speculated about the possible inclusion of tanks and other vehicles in Helldivers 2, drawing connections to the presence of tank corpses on certain planets. While maneuvering a tank in the game’s current terrain might pose a challenge, leaked information about fully functioning vehicles hints at exciting possibilities for future updates. The recent accomplishment of liberating Tien Kwan in record time has already fulfilled players’ mech dreams, indicating that the developers are responsive to the community’s desires for new content.

As players continue to engage in battles and liberations within the game, the prospect of unlocking new rewards like melee weapons and additional vehicles looms on the horizon. The swift success of the Helldivers 2 community in reaching goals set by the developers suggests that exciting rewards may be just around the corner. With the promise of more content and features to come, players can look forward to expanding their arsenal and capabilities in the ongoing fight for democracy in Helldivers 2.


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