The Uprising Collection Event: A New Chapter Unfolds in Apex Legends

The highly anticipated finale of Kill Code, the Apex Legends animated web series, has left players eager for more. Thankfully, developer Respawn Entertainment has answered their calls with the announcement of a brand new in-game event: the Uprising Collection Event. This event not only expands on the aftermath of Kill Code’s explosive conclusion but also introduces exciting new content for players to dive into.

At the heart of the Uprising Collection Event lies the Revenant Uprising Limited-Time Mode (LTM). This 30v30 mode thrusts players into the midst of an all-out war between the legends of Apex and Revenant and his army of clones. Players must choose their allegiance – join the legend squad and fight for survival or embrace the darkness and aid Revenant in his quest for destruction.

The Ultimate Showdown

Led by a player-controlled Red-Eyed Revenant wielding high-tier loot, Revenant’s Army aims to eliminate the legends and thwart their escape to the Evac Point. While the legend squad may initially hold the advantage, fallen squads will be reborn as members of Revenant’s Army. As the battle ensues, the legends may find themselves outnumbered and overwhelmed, adding an intense level of strategic gameplay to this epic clash.

A Cinematic Experience

The Uprising Collection Event introduces a unique element – a mysterious cinematic experience that immerses players in the final battle of Kill Code. The details surrounding this experience remain shrouded in secrecy, but one thing is certain: the battle is about to escalate to unprecedented heights. The cinematic experience will be accessible for a limited time only, from 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET to 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET on December 5. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the next chapter of Apex Legends firsthand.

Unlock the Uprising Collection

The Uprising Collection Event wouldn’t be complete without new cosmetic items for players to add to their collection. With a set of 24 premium cosmetic items, this event offers a variety of exciting unlocks. Players who manage to unlock them all will gain exclusive access to Loba’s Apex Lycanthrope Prestige Skin, showcasing their dedication to the battle.

Unlike previous Collection Events, the Uprising Collection Event extends over a longer duration. To match this extended timeframe, Respawn Entertainment has introduced multiple weekly free reward tracks. This means that players will have more opportunities to earn rewards throughout the event, making it even more rewarding to participate.

A Limited Engagement

After the first week of the event, the Revenant Uprising LTM will only be available on weekends, adding an air of exclusivity to the intense gameplay. Respawn Entertainment has hinted that the mode may be accessible for shorter durations, possibly limited to one hour at a time. However, it’s important to note that this is likely in reference to the “cinematic experience” rather than the game mode itself.

A Festive Transition

Interestingly, it appears that the Revenant Uprising Collection Event may replace Apex’s usual holiday-themed Winter Express LTM. While Winter Express may still make appearances during weekdays, the weekends will be dedicated to the Revenant Uprising LTM. This intriguing development ensures that players will have a thrilling and action-packed holiday season in Apex Legends.

Mark Your Calendars

The Uprising Collection Event arrives on December 5 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET and will run until January 1 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Be sure to mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable chapter in Apex Legends history. Brace yourself for the chaos, the cinematic experience, and the fierce battle that awaits you. The legends are no longer playing a game – they are going to war. Will you be there to stand with them, or will you succumb to the darkness?


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