Thunderful’s Disappointing Sales Report for SteamWorld Build

Thunderful’s recent fiscal report revealed that the December release of SteamWorld Build did not meet the company’s sales expectations. CEO Martin Walfisz expressed that despite some “new momentum,” the game fell slightly short of what was anticipated. He pointed out that the game’s genre did not resonate with the company’s core audience and was not well-suited for the Switch, a platform that has been crucial for Thunderful.

In addition to the underwhelming sales figures, Thunderful has put a stop to the development of its new project, SteamWorld Headhunter, without providing a clear explanation for this decision. The company is now undergoing a restructuring phase and is considering selling off the Bridge Constructor publisher, Headup. The goal is to regain momentum in 2024 and transition into a more stable and focused organization.

Despite the current setbacks, Walfisz remains optimistic about Thunderful’s future prospects. He envisions a successful period between 2024 and 2026, focusing on releasing fewer but higher-quality titles. The anticipation surrounding the rumored next generation of Nintendo consoles also presents exciting opportunities for the company.

When SteamWorld Build was launched on the Switch in December, it received positive reviews. Nintendo Life awarded the game 8 out of 10 stars, praising its intricate design and gameplay. The unique blend of management simulation and other genres set SteamWorld Build apart from other titles on the market.

As a fan of the SteamWorld series, have you shown your support for SteamWorld Build? The game’s release may not have met Thunderful’s expectations, but player engagement and feedback are essential for the continued success of the series. Did you have a chance to experience SteamWorld Build for yourself? Share your thoughts and experiences with the community.


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