Trash Of The Titans: A Fun and Strategic Adventure

Trash Of The Titans is a game that embraces the world of villainous vermin, similar to how Warhammer embraces the Skaven ratboys. Developed by Alex ‘Thayer And Back Again’, this grid-based, elevation-respecting strategy game immediately evokes Final Fantasy Tactics. Players take on the role of a party of assorted trash mammals trying to protect their rotting hauls from a gang of criminal vermin known as The Rat Crue.

With a vaguely roguelike structure, each stage leads to the next as players nab upgrades based on how much trash they manage to protect. The game’s setting is left vague, hinting at a bizarre culture of nibbling at whole chickens before discarding them. Turn order is set before each round, and each trash mammal has its own specialization. From a tank Badger to a sneak-thief Racoon, each character brings a unique set of skills to the gameplay.

Trash Of The Titans features plenty of quality of life features, including previews for specific attack damage and separate move and attack points that allow for strategic plays. Players can mix and match their actions for dastardly maneuvers on the board. Additionally, there are various non-trash additions like boons for extra abilities and bonus buffs at the end of each mission based on how much trash is saved.

Overall, Trash Of The Titans offers an enjoyable and neat experience for players. With its strategic gameplay, specialized characters, and quality of life features, the game is both engaging and entertaining. Despite its focus on villainous vermin, the game manages to capture the player’s attention and provide a fun-filled adventure. Trash Of The Titans is a game worth checking out, with a demo available for players to experience the excitement firsthand.


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